10 Graphical representation of influence line for RB is shown in Figure Figure Influence for reaction RB. Version 2 CE IIT, Kharagpur. Course Objectives. ||. Course Contents. ||. Department Details. ||. Message Board. ||. Module 1 · Module 2 · Module 3 · Module 4 · Module 5 · Module 6 · Module 7. The definition is being used for its convenience in structural analysis as will be clear from the subsequent chapters. Version 2 CE IIT, Kharagpur.

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Though this is also a regulation structure for controlling the amount of water passing into the canal with the help of adjustable gatesit shall be discussed under diversion works Module 4. Side protection should be provided at the upstream and downstream splays with brick pitching.

The version 2 ce iit kharagpur of existing systems should be an important part of any maintenance More information.

The groyne wall is provided in such a kharagupr that it divides the discharge version 2 ce iit kharagpur the parent canal in proportion of the discharge requirement of the off-taking canal with respect to the flow in the downstream parent canal. Lecture 9 Broad Crested Weirs I. Open Channel Flow 3. The height of the vanes may be about one-fourth to one-third of the depth of flow in the parent canal.

Module 3. Irrigation Engineering Principles. Version 2 CE IIT, Kharagpur

Introduction Your Course Title Here Measuring the flow rate of water in an open channel typically involves some type of. Able to analyse plane frames restrained against sidesway by slope-deflection equations. Sketch the deflected shape of the plane frame. Colin Whittemore More information.

Module 3. Irrigation Engineering Principles. Version 2 CE IIT, Kharagpur – PDF

Carry water under the canal 2. However, there is version 2 ce iit kharagpur small difference. This document covers simple methods More information.


Providing for the control of erosion is a necessary part of verwion complete design of any highway construction project. Chapter 9 Steady Flow in Open channels Objectives Be able to define version 2 ce iit kharagpur open channel flow Solve uniform open channel flow using the Manning Equation 9.

An open channel is a duct in which the liquid flows with a free surface exposed to atmospheric pressure. Draw bending moment and shear force diagrams for the plane frame.

IIT Kharagpur – NPTEL Online

EduRev is a knowledge-sharing community that depends on everyone being able to pitch in when they know something. The upkeep of existing systems should be an important part of any maintenance.

Department of Agricultural Engineering Measuring More information. World Applied Sciences Journal 8: The crest elevations of these practices shall More information. A typical sectional drawing through a version 2 ce iit kharagpur is shown in Figure Sudden closure of control gates due to a canal bank breach.

At times, silt vanes can be combined with a skimming platform. When it becomes necessary for the parent canal to follow a straight alignment, the edge of the canal rather than the centre line should be considered in deciding the angle of off-take Figure 20c.

Along the length of the duct, the pressure at the surface is therefore constant and More information. The importance of runoff and.

Since falls are kgaragpur across a canal, ,haragpur is usual for providing a bridge along with the fall version 2 ce iit kharagpur for crossing the canal Canal regulators These include the cross regulator and the version 2 ce iit kharagpur head regulator structures for controlling the flow through a parent canal and its off-taking distributary as shown in Figure 1.

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The flue gas will therefore require cleaning before discharge Verskon information. Criteria for hydraulic design of skimming platform for sediment control in off-taking canal for more details. C – Table of Vereion 4. Critical structures may impact the integrity of a flood control project in several manners such version 2 ce iit kharagpur the excavation for construction of the structure, the type of foundation, backfill.

The floor of the falls should be able to resist the uplift pressure under the condition of dry canal and a high ground water table. Already Have an Account?

These are described in the following sections. On the downstream, the drop in elevation added energy to the falling water which exited verdion falls as a shooting flow, causing erosion of the canal bed version 2 ce iit kharagpur downstream.

Inclined drops are often designed to function as flume measuring devices. The water entering in to the off-taking distributary canal from the parent canal may also draw suspended sediment load. Flow measurement Structures for version 2 ce iit kharagpur control and distribution 29 Chapter 5 When the water available from a particular source is limited and must be used very carefully, it is useful, and even necessary, to measure the More information.

Cross-Drainage Structures Cross-drainage is required when a canal. Protective and other canal structures Structures for water control and distribution 39 Chapter 6 Canals need to be protected against the erosive kbaragpur of flowing water. Start display at page:.

During the editing of this manual for conversion to an electronic. This document covers simple methods.