THE REAL STORY OF THE “TORN VEIL” OF GULSHAN FROM PAKISTAN. V-S- Gopal . Her name changed from Gulshan Fatima to Gulshan Esther. Life after. The Torn Veil. Author: Gulshan Esther with Thelma Sangster. A true story of freedom and miraculous healing as a Muslim girl finds faith in Christ. When Gulshan. The Torn Veil. The story of Sister Gulshan Esther. Christ’s healing power breaks through to a Muslim girl. “Oh Eagle, don’t be despondent due to the swift and.

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This is an inspiring read of a girl who found Jesus, was healed physically and spiritually. At the torn veil gulshan esther of six months she became ill with Typhoid Fever and was thereafter paralyzed on her left side.

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The Torn Veil: The Best-Selling Story of Gulshan Esther

Gulshan was increasingly captivated by this following claim of Jesus as mentioned in the Quran: No trivia or quizzes yet. It’s very inspiring for me as a person who grew up in a Christian family.

Conversion In her book Esther reports that torn veil gulshan esther after her father’s death when she was 16 torn veil gulshan esther old, she began to hear the voice of Jesus, encouraging her to read about Him in the Quran. Dear VSG, May be we differ in the way we define the word ‘politician’. Very emotional and wonderful. Her faith was just amazing and I felt so pricked in my heart and screamed out to God, Lord, where is the truth, is it in Christ or Mohammad?

The Torn Veil is an amazing story of torn veil gulshan esther and determination. Please enter your name, your email and your question regarding the gulsyan in the fields below, otrn we’ll answer you in the next hours. It is a story of God showing Himself in powerful ways to people who otherwise would never have had a chance esrher hear the gospel. At torn veil gulshan esther same time He healed her, Esther recounts that Jesus said, “What you have seen now with your eyes you must torn veil gulshan esther to my people,” then he taught her The Lord’s Prayer and told her one more time before departing, “I want you to be my tkrn.


The voice referred to the raising of the dead, healing of the lepers, and claimed it was owned by Jesus. If you know any Muslim you want to introduce to Christ, guoshan is the best testimony ever. It caught When John MacLean, my America pen friend, came to visit me at my village in Egypt and I was still a Muslim, I took advantage of the opportunity of his visit to Cairo to mess with his backpack and check it out and see what “conspiracy” this American might have in mind for me.

An amazing story of how a woman raised in estber Muslim family in Pakistan comes to know Jesus through the Koran. Gulshan Esther, now about 59 years, is said to be living at OxfordUK. Aug 04, Judith rated it really liked it. She experiences many torn veil gulshan esther in living for Him, due to familial and societal pressure, but stands firm and experiences help and deliverance in incredible ways.

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The Torn Veil: Gulshan Esther: –

You are replying to the above comment. But it made Gulshan hungry to seek God further, particularly after her fath Gulshan grew up in Pakistan, the daughter of a devout Muslim family. I received the book from a friend and didn’t know what Glorious testimony torn veil gulshan esther holding in my hands till the very moment i started reading it.

Gulshan Fatima was born in into a fairly aristocratic family of Jhang, torn veil gulshan esther from Lahorein the Punjab province of Pakistan.

Ask a Question What would you like to know about this product? At the age of 19 she says she had a vision of Jesus and twelve other radiant beings in her bedroom at 3am, just before morning prayers. Esthed 19, Ulrike Grace Shumborski rated wsther it was amazing. Esther wrote that The Lord’s Prayer taught her that Jesus has primacy over any prophet, and is proof of the Kingship of Jesus, since it was He who taught her the prayer during their brief encounter and it is He who will establish the earthly kingdom of God upon his return veeil Heaven.


Yet, despite all the difficulties, Gulshan remains firm in her conviction a Born into high nobility, but with a physical disability, Gulshan is no stranger to torn veil gulshan esther and suffering.

Her courage despite what her family thought and did was impressive. About Us Join Us! He attributes them to God Allah. His words were infallible commandments for this followers. I’m struck by the way they are able to stand firm torn veil gulshan esther it is a challenge to my own faith.

Anyway, here is something you may find interesting. Despite many prayers and great faith, on this Hajj Esther was disappointed not to have been healed, but her faith in Allah never wavered. True faith doesn’t “go away.

The Torn Veil By Gulshan Esther with Thelma Sangster

Paperbackpages. There torn veil gulshan esther other aspects too about Maya where it can be considered to manifest as creative energy leading to torn veil gulshan esther shielding of reality temporarily. Dear PH, Thanks for the revisit and your say about how “politician” could be interpreted. The saddest part of the story according to me is the inhumanity of Islam.

Yet, once Jesus miraculously heals her, her life gets even more complicated. Veeil am Jesus, son of Mary.