Star Ocean: The Second Story Shrine – Your source for info on this PlayStation classic. A big thanks to Ian Kelley for strategies and tips for this walkthrough. 4 Feb Star Ocean: The Second Story – Walkthrough/FAQ. Star Ocean: The Second Story FAQ Sony PlayStation North American Version Version Welcome to Guides, a special navigation page to direct you to walkthroughs and guides on Star Ocean 2. New players may wish to consult the walkthrough and.

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It is best to have Claude in the first position, and your spell-casting character in the star ocean the second story walkthrough position. Leon will explain that you have finished the mission, and have the stone. Precis has some of the most unique Killer Move as well, because of the fact that some of her Killer Move leaves her unattackable to enemies while she executes it.

Level 72 Final Change: Egras tells Claude that they should visit Lacour Castle, and the village of Linga to get their Ancient Writings translated, since Linga is known for its excellent scholars.

Opera won’t be very valuable at all for this battle, but give her the Flame Launcher Occean Move anyway. Leon tells the party that he was slightly scared, and the party laughs at him.

Walkthroughs, FAQs, and Guides

Bring battle is almost the same as Duel Battle, except your one character must face several opponents. Characters with lower Star ocean the second story walkthrough like Opera or Noel might want to choose other tactics though, but it isn’t really neccessary. If you’re getting damaged on him, just keep using the Air Slash Killer Move.

Talk to the villagers, specifically walmthrough kids playing near the docks. You can now take the herb back to Bowman.


In this section, I hope to answer the questions that people ask the most. You can now travel to all of the villages on the sgory, but the main destination will be Cross Castle.

You will now have to fight Ernest. Encompasses Aijodo and Yujodo. Claude is nice to all of his allies, and treasures their cameraderie. Keep going the way that the warrior has gone through the mines, and you will see him fighting with the dragon.

You’ll arrive at Hilton, the port town of Lacour. For instance, if you want to make Claude have a higher guts rating, taking Poker Face is a good Skill for it. Westa doesn’t say a word, and then runs downstairs, sweating.

Lacour’s Tournament Chapter 8: A sense of appreciation in art or natural things, and being creative in natural criticism. Talk to the red-haired Nedian there. It is very hard to win the Survival Items, but here is a general strategy: Claude punches the star ocean the second story walkthrough with a fist of fire. Claude will wake up, and he will wonder what happened, saying that he doesn’t remember anything that happened at all. To see any of the events that occur in this chapter, you must have seen the Private Action in Cross in which your characer bumps into a three-eyed man.

Check each character’s parameters, hit points, magic points, level, total experience, experience to next level, equippment, and portrait.

Ashton jumps twoard the enemy and does a slash, and then Creates a whirlwind and releases it to hit the enemy. You can now check your equipment and items. All three are unique Japanese dishes.

Star Ocean: The Second Story – Walkthrough/FAQ

If you don’t have enough MP to use the three Kuhazans, just run up to him and attack him. Although star ocean the second story walkthrough can throw Hissatasuwaza very fast, he doesn’t effective ones, and dtory normal attack is pathetic.


When you get to the northeast area of the maze, you will find a dead end. Knowledge of how machines work, their functions, and how to make and program them. Level 64 Final Change: The warrior introduces himself as Ashton Anchors, and joins your party. Fire, Wind Jin is one of the oecan bosses in the game.

Star Ocean: The Second Story Claude Walkthrough for PlayStation by Exdeath – GameFAQs

B- Useful Killer Move Combinations: The following are translations and what each camp menu option does. The interior of the dome appears to have been devastated by enormous explosions. Your next destination is Cross Castle. Claude asks star ocean the second story walkthrough that man is and Rena says that it must be the warrior that entered before them.

An instinct that animals are near. Also, I find that stealing from everyone in Raqua gives some really good items like the Infinity Ring. The Second Story adds a new spell system. The guards will now let you through to talk to the king. The original Star Ocean’s battlefield was only a plane, as opposed to Star Ocean: Starts with it, Noel: Sometimes you’ll get attached to a certain Killer Move or spell for a long time, but trying out the others really helps, because there is always some attack that is better.

Crawd reads on, and he finds out that the silver goblet sleeps near the water in an ocean. If you have a question, please make sure to check through my FAQs to see if the answer is already there. If you can point out star ocean the second story walkthrough these characteristics are noted, please tell me.