Your browser appears to be missing a PDF reader plugin. You can download Adobe Reader or just download the Samsung TL Digital Camera User Manual. 15 Jul Samsung TL review, find out how the TL stacks up against the on your subject being all that’s needed to manually set the focus point. 26 Feb Free Download Samsung TL PDF User Manual, User Guide, Instructions, Samsung TL Owner’s Manual. Samsung TL DualView.

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Samsung TL225 User Manual

This site will also provide you with a huge database of other product user manuals. The Samsung TL’s interface is a bit samsung tl225 manual. Log in with Facebook. By using both, you can zoom in up to 23 times.

Samsumg samsung tl225 manual When the samsuny error messages appear, try these remedies. Page 7 Expressions used in this manual Pressing the shutter Half-press [ Shutter]: Sign up for a Samsung Account.

Page 73 Playing back Adding a voice memo to a photo In Playback mode, select a photo Select Voice memo Press [ Shutter] to record a short voice memo 10 seconds maximum.

Common questions You can get answers to common questions. Since the raison d’etre of the Samsung TL is its Sansung system, I had to take some shots of me and my wife while visiting a local botanical garden. Wipe the display gently with a soft samsung tl225 manual. TL vs HS. Outdoors with plenty of sunshine there were no problems.

You just samsung tl225 manual it samsung tl225 manual you want to take a self-portrait but more on this later. Playing back Select a face. Page 4 Health and safety information Use only Samsung-approved accessories Using incompatible samsung tl225 manual may damage your camera, cause injury, or void your warranty.


Error Messages Error messages When the following error messages appear, try these remedies. Go back one level. Connect your Samsung appliances, TVs and more. Basic Specifications Full model name: Smart Auto was used often, samsung tl225 manual was Program. Interface Digital output USB 2. Error message Suggested remedies Turn off your camera and then turn it on again.

One of my favorites was Noise so if you’re not happy with the graininess you get from shooting at high ISOs, you can add some more! Clean Your Camera Lens Use a blower brush or a regular brush to remove dust and then wipe the lens gently with a soft cloth.

I couldn’t figure out the reason for that one. Adjusting the exposure manually EV Depending on the intensity of the ambient light, your photos may be too bright or dark.

At telephoto, pixel count is lower, but with a more noticeable red cast.

Samsung Digital Camera TL User Guide |

Face Retouch Level 1,2,3Red eye fix, Snow, Mosaic, Highlight High-feature mode that enables videos to be edited directly on the camera, without a computer. Apply effects to the photo samsung tl225 manual make it brighter and softer. If any dust remains, apply lens cleaning liquid to a piece of cleaning paper and wipe gently.

Remember, using others’ images on the web without their permission may be bad manners or worse, copyright infringement. You can rotate or resize images plus you can change the Photo Style and add Special Effects.

The Samsung TL has a pretty good zoom range, from mm. To switch between photos, you simply drag your finger to one side across the panel. Set the printing quality. Rotating samsung tl225 manual photo In Playback mode, select a photo Select With the printer on, connect samsung tl225 manual camera to the printer with the USB cable.


Samsung TL Review

Solve the issue yourself with this step-by-step guide to diagnosing and resolving problems with your device. Icons flank the main view screen.

Elegant Option Description Colour Filter: Using face detection Registering faces as your favorites My Star You can register your favorite faces to prioritize the focus and samsung tl225 manual on those faces. If those tweaks are on your list, definitely look elsewhere.

Most photographers have little experience with microSD cards unless they have them samsung tl225 manual their cell phones.

ISO Equivalent Auto, 80, samsung tl225 manual,, Dictates how sensitive a camera’s digital sensor is to light. It will be helpful if you are not familiar with the camera settings for various scenes. Detail and color balance are skewed at ISO 3, samsung tl225 manual very few concrete details outside of sharp contrast divisions. Playing back ………………………………… 62 Starting Playback mode ……………………… 62 Viewing photos ………………………………… 68 Playing a video ………………………………… Using Smart Face Recognition Using face detection Using smart face recognition The camera automatically registers faces that you frequently photograph.

Setting the dual displays and sound Learn how to change the basic settings for the front display and touch screen according to your preferences.

The clown animation samsung tl225 manual several youngsters and kept them focused on the camera–exactly what it was intended to do note that the clown does not rotate in vertical mode, but that’ll probably just make it more fun for the kids.

It’s in the wrong category.