6 Nov Runequest is set in the world of Glorantha, which was created by Greg Stafford originally and used as the setting for the White Bear Red Moon. 9 Oct This is the second edition of the RuneQuest rules in its final form, with all .. of the original RuneQuest 2nd Edition and I commend them for it. 2nd edition 3rd edition Mongoose RuneQuest Mongoose RuneQuest II 6th edition. Genre(s), Fantasy. System(s), Basic Role-Playing. RuneQuest is a fantasy role-playing game first published in by Chaosium, created by.

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Add tags Tags separate by space: The second section of Runequesg gives detailed descriptions of many of Glorantha’s magical treasures. Here we are inthe 40th Anniversary of Chaosium as a game company.

RuneQuest and its universe link with a depth and a consistency unparalleled in gaming. At the time of the game’s release, this was an unorthodox mechanic.

If this is your first exposure to Fantasy Role-Playing, we suggest that you look over the enclosed books and dice in the order listed here: Retrieved from ” https: Each is about pages in length with a color cardstock cover. Reward no longer available 25 backers. This page briefly describes each separate item, and how they work together.

Casus Belli Issue 18 – Dec Nine Dangerous Deities for RuneQuest role-playing “The bad guys of Glorantha – nine cults of the cruel and unusual, destined to enliven every campaign. Beware of the ever-present baboons, bears, dragonewts, wild hawks, trolls.

RuneQuest – Wikipedia

Chaosium Games Workshop Ltd. But Smelchak and Payer pictured above wouldn’t live anywhere other than stylish and fashionable Questworld. Chaosium X Buy at Amazon Trollpak: From the relative safety of the frontier town of New Pavis, exploration parties may venture forth into the Rubble to once again tap the treasures and magics buried in its ruins.


Tales of fabulous riches and terrible monsters It was later reprinted with new cover graphics, a colorized map from the interior.

Ancient civilisations once thrived here, but were buried forever under divine barbarism which edjtion it with a hearty gusto. The RuneQuest rule book contained a large selection of fantasy monsters and their physical stats. An initiate of any non-chaotic cult may apply for the job. Article about the Wyverneers, a Lunar military unit.

As far as I can tell, the content is a page-for-page duplicate of the Chaosium printing.

Retrieved June 28, The Player Handouts – are 20 pages of reference material for the players to use during character creation and ongoing play. The player rolls against the character’s combat skill.

The game features mechanics for critical hits and fumbling. This playtest material was used to create the first edition of RuneQuest.

Additional material has been added to the appendices at the end. Once it was the site of Robcradle, ruhequest ancient Jrusteli city, and then it held the magnificent capital of the hero Pavis.

Hit Locations and Armor Protection – there is easy reference for non-human hit locations, and each is conveniently represented with the armor points close by. Often the rulebooks alone will be floating around in the used market. From the back of the box: Smelchak, 2ne instance, is a Daredevil of Nik-el, the goddess of luck; Payer, a Flynn of Panash, – the god of savoir-faire.

Just read the profiles and roll the dice! Over people attended what was the largest gaming convention in the US at that time.


Griffin Mountain details an area kilometers wide. Runequest, 2nd edition Here are 5 books — different covers — issued at various times for the second edition Runequest by Chaosium Referees can start either adventure after little more than reading it and sketching the playing area!

RuneQuest (2nd Edition) | RPG Item | RPGGeek

This page was last edited on 25 Augustat RuneQuest is notable for its system, designed around percentile dice and with an early implementation of skill rules, which became the basis of numerous other games.

A RQ solo adventure, playable several times. Made for game Referees, solitaire role-players will also find this expedition an absorbing one. Participants create imaginary characters to go adventuring through a world editipn fantasy where magic is real, heroism runequesst accepted norm, and virtue is rewarded!

The wealth of new material is applicable conceptually to any role-playing game or campaign, and referees will enjoy the many new lines of thought and the dozens of examples of tribal behavior which can corroborate any campaign. This is the first of our Gateway products, which are designed to aid the runequext who desires to run a RuneQuest campaign without the restrictions of the limited erition and fauna of Glorantha.

The RuneQuest combat system has a subsystem for hit location. However, a nuanced range of results existed in every die roll. Successful attacks are allocated randomly or by decision to a part of the target’s body.