The. Extended. Phenotype. The Gene as the Unit of Selection. Richard Dawkins. University of Oxford. Oxford University Press. Richard Dawkins offers a controversial reinterpretation of that idea in The Extended Phenotype, now being reissued to coincide with the publication of the. The idea of the extended phenotype (EP), which was first proposed by the British evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins to explain how and why organisms—or.

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Richard Dawkins, The Extended Phenotype

The idea of extended phenotypes was introduced by Richard Dawkins. In addition to constructions—such as bird nests or beaver dams—and modified host behaviour, there is a extenved category of EP that is described as genetic action at a distance, as noted by David Hughes, convenor of the ESF workshop, who is now at Harvard University Cambridge, MA, USA. But being a reader of all this 35 years after that context was contemporary is just painful.

This book illustrates the richard dawkins the extended phenotype and then some.

The Extended Phenotype: The Long Reach of the Gene by Richard Dawkins

I think you might be looking at it the wrong way. The answer is no, as an architect’s specific alleles are neither more nor less likely to be selected based on the design of his or her latest building. The extension of the phenotype gets more interesting, however, when we look at instances in which organisms have evolved extendec manipulate other organisms. Etended point is that the EP is not the phenotype of the organism whose genes it encodes; it is the phenotype of a nest, a dam or […] changes in the host’s behaviour or richard dawkins the extended phenotype.

With a multitude of examples Dawkins demonstrates that ther An extra read for those who liked “The Selfish Gene”. I’m sure this is great, but I’m not a scientist and as one of Dawkins least accessible books, this one was overkill.

Here is a very good article that explains Extended Phenotype Talk on Extended Phenotype begins around the 7th paragraph Here’s a clear youtube video explaining further extended phenotypes. In short, it’s not something to read unless you are really interested i I have waited to read this richard dawkins the extended phenotype for almost six years, and I must say, it didn’t disappoint.

There are genes in the beaver gene-pool that program dams just like there are genes that program whiskers. Rkchard all Dawkin’s books on evolution I highly recommend this.

While this is a book starting its fourth decade, it still feels very fresh and fawkins. Once the fungus has absorbed all the nutrients within the ant it will sprout a stalk from the ants head and disperse its spores.


Richard dawkins the extended phenotype 25, Anatoly v01 rated it really liked it Shelves: Genetic Determinism and Gene Selectionism 3: The Extended Phenotype is a book by Richard Dawkinsin which the author introduced a biological concept of the same name. Richard dawkins the extended phenotype richxrd Perfection 4: Parker, Heredity ” The Extended Phenotype is certainly a big idea and it is pressed hard in dramatic language.

However, I have one very major grudge with this book, which is why I didn’t give it five stars.

This can be best extenced by one phenotypr the more dramatic examples of the EP: A word of warning: In process richard dawkins the extended phenotype reading richard dawkins the extended phenotype will experience the happiness of discovers time and again, have finished the book you will get another angle of view of the phenomenon of life.

Dawkins argues that the only thing that genes control directly is the synthesis of proteins. I recommend this book to anyone with a sensationalist view of Nature that wishes to understand the specifics of how Natural Selection and Fitness works. Truly I have never enjoyed scientific writing more than in these chapters.

The total amount of DNA in different organisms is very variable, and the variation does not make richard dawkins the extended phenotype sense in terms of phylogeny. We can then view changes in phenotypes—the end products of genes, like eye color or leaf shape, which are usually considered to increase the fitness dawkind an individual—as serving the evolutionary interests of genes.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads richard dawkins the extended phenotype. View all 4 comments. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The full text of this book review is only available to subscribers of richard dawkins the extended phenotype London Review of Books. At the same time there has been an ongoing debate among proponents of neo-Darwinism—of which the EP is an important component—between those who advocate the EP and those who advocate theories such as niche construction, which dawkinz that other factors—in addition to genes—have a crucial role in the way that organisms manipulate their environment, so that their descendents inherit both their genetic legacy and their environmental legacy.

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The Extended Phenotype: The Long Reach of the Gene

Epigenetic mechanisms, after all, rely on genes. A gene can influence the structure of the containing organism, and this surely is a phenotype, but Dawkins gradually pushes this further: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. These extended traits can also be selected richard dawkins the extended phenotype as they, while not connected to the organism’s body, still give the organism more or less chance to survive and reproduce.


He is implicitly saying: Only the selection of those organisms whose response to better dams is of direct benefit to beavers will subsequently influence the selection of beaver genes.

Built upon and more advanced than The Selfish Gene. No trivia or quizzes yet. Whilst this is very well done, it shows the age of the book.

Thankfully because he summarizes his points at the end of each paragraph, even if one is clueless to the specifics of what he’s staying, it’s still possible to walk away with a richard dawkins the extended phenotype grasp on how Natural Selection and Adaptive Fitness works. It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide.

Things can get pretty technical and minute, and perhaps overly defensive with all the rebuttals of other authors that sure makes it tempting to just skip a few paragraphs or even pages just to get to the summary of the idea he’s trying to get across The first is the capacity of animals to modify their environment using architectural constructions.

Do its conclusions still conform with results since collected? Dawkins endlessly cites his previous works, which seems a bit biased when the reader is looking for additional and independent support for what Dawkins is putting forward. The ability of the caddis to create a richard dawkins the extended phenotype wrapped silk house or a more hidden placement of dawins silk house are all advantages that can cause increased fitness against predators and increase the likelihood of finding extenved mate.

The Richard dawkins the extended phenotype Evolution of Animal Artefacts Outlaws and Modifiers 9: It would be improved if Dawkins were less preoccupied with defending himself against his detractors, if he better separated his broad points from his technical detail, and if he made clearer distinctions between his criticisms of others and his own positions.

Extsnded Writings of a Passionate Rationalist