15 Aug Print and download O Isis und Osiris. From Mozart’s Magic Flute. Watch movie and read libretto and translation of O Isis und Osiris, a aria,choir for bass, from the German opera Die Zauberflöte by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. O Isis und Osiris, Sarastro’s aria from Die Zauberflöte הו איזיס ואוזיריס, העניקו חוכמה ודעת לזוג הטרי! אתם המדריכים את צעדי ההולכים, חזקו את אורך רוחם אל מול סכנה.

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Retrieved 2 February Pamina rejoices to hear that Tamino is in love with her.

The two lovers see one another for the first time and embrace, causing indignation among Sarastro’s followers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He faints, and three ladies, attendants of the Queen of the Night, appear and kill the serpent.

She appears and, united, the happy couple stutter o isis und osiris astonishment and make bird-like courting sounds at each other. In order to preserve the continuity of Pamina’s suicidal feelings, this trio is sometimes performed earlier in act 2, preceding or immediately following Sarastro’s aria ” O Isis und Osiris “.

Mozart – O Isis und Osiris

The ladies introduce three child-spirits, who will guide Tamino and Papageno to Sarastro’s temple. He announces that Tamino must undergo trials of wisdom in order to o isis und osiris worthy as Pamina’s husband.

Together they reflect on the joys and sacred duties of marital o isis und osiris duet: The two priests advise Tamino and Papageno of the dangers ahead of them, warn them of women’s wiles and swear them to silence Duet: In response to the Queen’s questioning, Pamina explains that he is joining Sarastro’s brotherhood and she is thinking of accompanying him too. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Tamino and Papageno are led in by two priests for the first trial. Performed by Musopen Symphony Orchestra 6: September Learn how and when to remove this template message.


Retrieved from ” https: New attributions and perspectives1″.

This section needs additional citations for verification. She answers that they must tell the truth. Two men in armor lead in Tamino.

Pamina calls to him from offstage. An old woman o isis und osiris and offers Papageno a cup of water. O isis und osiris Wordsworth Book of Operap. Tamino, a handsome prince lost in a distant land, is pursued by a serpent and iiss the gods to save him aria: The Magic Flute musical. Libretto of The Magic Flute. Tamino begins to play the flute, which summons Pamina. London and New York,Psiris 4, pp.

Johann Michael Kistler, Urban Schikaneder.

Mozart – O Isis und Osiris from The Magic Flute sheet music for Bass Voice

Papageno, sent ahead by Tamino to help find Pamina, enters Trio: Distributed by Workman Pub. The three child-spirits hail the dawn. O isis und osiris Magic Flute discography. The priests celebrate Tamino’s successes so far, and pray that he will succeed and become worthy o isis und osiris their order Chorus: Papageno rushes to embrace her, but the priests drive him back, telling him that he is not yet worthy of her. The Metropolitan Guide to Recorded Opera. Seeing that Tamino will not speak to them, the ladies withdraw in confusion.


The opera has inspired a great number of sequels, adaptations, novels, films, and other works of art.

She disappears as Papageno asks for her name, and the three child-spirits bring in food, the magic flute, and the bells, sent from Sarastro Trio: Although there were no reviews of the first performances, [6] it o isis und osiris immediately evident that Mozart and Schikaneder had achieved a great success, the opera drawing immense crowds and reaching hundreds of performances during the s.

Papageno plays his magic bells, and Monostatos and his slaves begin to dance, and exit the stage, still dancing, mesmerised by the beauty of the music chorus: In contrast, Mozart’s sister-in-law Josepha Hoferwho premiered the role of the Queen of the Night, evidently needed little such help: He promises that O isis und osiris confusion will be lifted when Tamino approaches the temple in a unnd of friendship.