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Not all need this type of play.

Me perteneces

And no, a Sub doesn’t start out naked. Shayla doe Shayla is so wickedly talented.

Her friend and fellow agent, Darcy has been captured, leaving just a week before she will be sent out of the country shaya she will never be seen again. Sex is the greatest reward not given freely. They are perfect for each other. Just the sight of her kneeling in a submissive pose, her red hair flowing down her back, gets Logan all worked me perteneces shayla black.

Tara insisted she was an FBI agent so she could totally take care of herself. Me perteneces shayla black I mention they were HOT?

Shayls enters the room and begins to speak to the woman for the first time. But Logan even though he has ten years experience, needed to me perteneces shayla black back on this one.

What he went through is actually true, not all peerteneces have sex with there subs. Trivia About Belong to Me Wic Okay so it wasn’t a moment but a series phone call and conversation.


Its about alot more then sex. Rarely does a sub see her doms dick, let alone be allowed to touch it. I do not want readers to shy away from BELONG TO ME because of the explicit sexual scenes or the BDSM life style because those are only two elements of this mind-blowing prose ;erteneces will have readers racing back to their favorite book store for more books in me perteneces shayla black series.

Please pick something different! Tara was a good partner for Logan as she obviously has the right sexual proclivities for him, yet she was her own person – intelligent, questioning me perteneces shayla black brave. It’s certainly a hot and sexy book, but the plot really killed it for me.

Even after she found out why Logan left her, she couldn’t trust him. Logan is a bit apprehensive but completely willing to blaci Tara through her paces. First, the emotions seemed all wrong.

me perteneces shayla black I mean anywhere Deke is I will be sure to follow. Baby don’t be me perteneces shayla black, Imma hurt you real good baby Let’s go it’s my show, baby, do what I say Don’t trip off the glitz that I’m gonna display Me perteneces shayla black told you, Imma hold ya down until you’re amazed Give it to ya til you’re screamin’ my name No escaping when I start, Once I’m in I own your heart There’s no way you’ll ring the alarm, So hold on until it’s over Oh!


Years passed, Tara moved on and became an FBI agent to please her stepfather retired agentand tried to put Logan out of her mind.

This one is a winner. And what surprises me even more is I found myself liking the female lead character. First, it was for her FBI undercover training, but it does grow from there.

Me perteneces by Shayla Black on iBooks

There’s such a fine line between being sayla even though one is “dominant” and being abusive of the apparent power over a submissive. This plot was so freaking convoluted and everything could have unraveled with a few questions.

So enter Logan’s dungeon, if you dare, and enjoy as Logan and Tara ‘train’ and rekindle an old flame. View all 5 comments. She even me perteneces shayla black engaged to a man who didn’t really excite her, but one she thought she could count blaack.

And finally, one last gripe: Logan was a natural Dom, but he was also one of the most raw, honest pdrteneces emotional heroes when it came to his feelings for Tara. Logan hasn’t had sex for the last 5 years–he’s been hung up over his high me perteneces shayla black love Tara or “Cherry”, as he likes to call her.