Maplin Catalogues. A museum of old consumer electronics. Vintage Popular Science Magazine, What Video, Popular Hi Fi, What Satellite, Practical Television . Covers, features, articles and pictures – all from old Maplin Catalogues, Magazines and other Publications. | See more ideas about Consumer electronics . Maplin catalogue covers, , via this Pinterest page dedicated to retro Maplin images.

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By the science fiction theme had gone. They still sell electronic components, multimeters, and tools, but the bulk of their floor space is devoted to the more techy and hobbyist end of mass-market maplin catalogue electronics.

Are the staff maplin catalogue You could walk up to the components counter with a list of items and they would look mzplin the shelves and come back with them in a bag.

Donations, not money, maplin catalogue old items you no longer want, are always maplin catalogue. They need to be more like Condrad in Germany. With the rise of Arduino etc there is a case for a bricks and mortar retailer [I know of one Australian Business who has grown and cataloghe in that market] but only for a small number of stores and certainly not in High St locations which are financial suicide now.

Oh my word, that triggered some memories, thank you! Last week I spent far maplin catalogue much of a Saturday afternoon maplin catalogue to buy two uF capacitors, their website caalogue me my local store had 2 in stock but I had to drive to 3 others before I found a store who had what I needed in stock. The common bits maplin catalogue always useful: There is a sizeable customer base of people that are not interested in how things work but do like gadgets.

Here in Australia it was the Dick Smith chain that was known back in the day as the place to go for electronics hobby gear and other quirky stuff. But they stopped being unique because others were selling the same stuff.


I loved poring over the Heathkit catalogue, but it was all way, way out of my price range.

This applies on both sides of the Atlantic, but for British retailers, the killer combination of very high rents and local business taxes makes it particularly difficult. They sell a wide range of stuff but still sell components, kits, connectors etc.

Also, most hobby stuff in either store always seemed to dry up — like it maplin catalogue just a surplus stock shop. We dealt with all the nostalgia for what was roughly a British equivalent to Radio Shack in our previous post. Most Tandy shops were franchises. Indeed, end of the month, end of a maplin catalogue In the early days you could ask for advice at the counter maplin catalogue talk to someone who new what they were talking about.

Well, that was quick. Even 25 years ago maplin catalogue were fairly expensive. Only the 7 you see here. Inthe average home in North America had some radios, a tv set or two, maybe a stereo. However — a company called Jaycar was also started out of Dick Smith by one of this original employees which is still going strong with maplin catalogue in Oz.

Go back to being a web maplin catalogue mail order company with fewer smaller branches operating more cataoogue depots. Needless to say some interesting response ensued. A lot of things cataloghe.

Hopefully he is still working and ask if he has maplin catalogue similar art that he has produced. Yes I maplin catalogue a maplin catalog from the end of that I recovered from a skip a few years ago. Learn how your comment data is processed.

The two bug mistakes Tandy made was 1. I looked a bit and bumbled into a bit of the album art interspersed around the web site. Apparently someone posted online, that maplin was going under rather than, that maplin was changing hands.


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We supply satellite goods in the Maplin catalogue and worldwide including fixed and motorised satellite systems, multiswitches, instrumentation, accessories and installation equipment. Rewind Maplin catalogue is sponsored by Vision International.

Some of their prices were just about laughable. They produced wonderful kits catalgoue were well engineered and of course the catalog was better than a John Grisham novel.

And the reason they were called Maplins? When they put their prices up on resistors from 2p to 35p in the local store in Maplin catalogue, I did have maplin catalogue have a little sit down to get over the shock.

Maplin was built upon traditional mail – order business before branching out into Maplin catalogue retail. One of cataloguee things Maplin were known for back in the day were their range of kits.

Overpriced, lacking stock and the sales staff maplin catalogue too pushy.

Maplin For Sale

I remember visiting the first Maplin when I maplin catalogue in Southend for a cstalogue and I still have a catalog or two around. Not maplin catalogue Tandy, where you could only buy resistors in bags of maplin catalogue values. There, it goes from their warehouse somewhere, and you can still pay in cash at the counter, which is nice if you like doing that. On 28th Feb Maplin went into administration. The amount of debt the company has and liability for all those store leases would just not be sensible for anyone to take on.

Does anyone still have any of the early Maplin catalogues with the spaceships on the cover?