Abstract – The prototype model namely ‘MAGNETIC REPULSION ENGINE’ is the Radhakrishna Togare who had invented ‘MAGNETIC PISTON ENGINE’ had. 19 shows the cross sectional view of the basic Magnetic pistons engine with both the opposing pistons ready for repulsion from their Top Dead Centers when the. principle of the engine is the magnetic force principle, i.e. magnetic repulsion between the same pushing then piston downwards or upwards thereby rotating .

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Also, the iron plate 4 stays exactly in between the like poles of two piston heads 9 when inserted. It also helps in initiating a strong repulsion force between the pair of magnetic piston heads 9 like poles when the iron plate 4 that is in-between the magnetic like pole heads 9 is pulled-out. Once the engine is started, the real-time feedback control loop takes over the control mgnetic the engine. The magnetic pistons engine of claim 1wherein the opposing piston’s movement is synchronized such that the like pole heads of opposing pistons are always at equidistance from the ferromagnetic plate i.

Both North and South poles of the magnet 1 kagnetic attract and magnetize all ferromagnetic materials. Similarly, the solar power is not efficient. Hence, the piston must be designed to accommodate for the required type of magnet 1 of sufficient strength. This process generates a linear back-and-forth movement if the magnets 1 are made to work as pistons 6. Note that the thin non-magnetic protection layer that protects the piston head is not shown in the figure.

The two repelling magnets 1 have to be brought together by applying external direct forces before we can allow them to repel and get the energy back. Device for generating a movement, motor comprising said device and use of the latter.

Magnetic Repulsion Piston Engine (MRPE) :: Create the Future Design Contest

Rectangular, oval, ammunition magazine or any other shape piston 6 can also be used. Hence, the magnets quickly latch on to their respective side of the iron sheet as shown in FIG. By default, Maps engine employs non-staggered movement of pistons in a multi-cylinder engine Refer section 8 for details.


The piston rod 7 connected in between the piston 6 and the crankshaft 8 accommodates for the confined linear reciprocating movement of the piston 6 within its cylinder The permanent magnet 1 acts as the core of the piston 6.

With the diminishing fossil fuel resources and unabated increase in energy costs and environmental concerns, engines using alternate energy sources such as bio-fuel, solar power, wind power, electric power, stored power, etc.

Solutions for a better life. Added to all, the initial capital and subsequent maintenance costs for machines that use alternate energy sources are very high. When a ferromagnetic Plate 4 also called ferromagnetic sheet 4iron plate 4or mxgnetic sheet 4 such as iron of sufficient thickness is inserted in between the like poles as in FIG. As mentioned earlier, the engine must have at-least one flywheel 12 connected to each crankshaft 8 that controls each side of the pistons 6.

Since the piston 6 operates continuously, two independent pulse trains are generated as shown in FIG.

The optical switches 4041 will turn ON when the light beam generated by the respective photo diodes 42 p43 p directly falls on the corresponding detectors 42 d43 d located inside the switch 40 Further, due to the principle of its operation, Maps engine uses very low maynetic small force to generate very high power large force.

The Repulsion-Attraction plate 4also called RAT plate 4is one of the most important elements ,agnetic the Magnetic pistons engine.

However, Maps engine works purely on the principle of magnetism. At its minimum, Maps engine has a pair of Magnetic pistons 6their associated connecting rod 7 and the crankshaft 8 assembly. Hugo belongs to these online communities: A Magnetic Pistons engine that works on the principle of magnetic repulsion of like poles, wherein said method is used to build linear reciprocating engines that are integrated with automotive equipments and general equipments and machines to perform various tasks and functions including application of force or displacement of objects, comprising: In all the above methods of driving, the power consumed to operate the RAT plate 4 and hence the magnetic pistons 6 is much less than the power generated by the back-and-fort, linear motion of the magnetic pistons 6.


Magnetic Repulsion Piston Engine Seminar Report and PPT

The notch 39 operates the switches 3738 one at a time when the piston 6 reaches dead centers. This is possible in any traditional engines since individual piston’s movement is not affected by strong, surrounding magnetic fields.

The battery is charged by the onboard electric power generation system 17 during the operation of the engine. Therefore, generating energy by the application of direct external force on the magnet s is not useful. The engine is generally integrated within the main product or machine and serves as the heart of the equipment. This method provides an environmental friendly, very high efficiency engine that can complement or replace any engines that use fossil fuel, bio-fuel, solar power, wind power, hydro power, electricity, stored energy, or other energy sources.

One end of the hollow case 11 is fitted with a powerful permanent magnet 1 made of neodymium-iron-boron NdFeBsamarium-cobalt SmCo or similar high field strength magnetic materials. Alternatively, the cylinder 10 can be made up of non-metallic, thermal resistant materials as well or can be made by repu,sion both non-magnetic and non-metallic materials.

While the iron plate 4 moves back-and-forth in the direction perpendicular to the pistons 6 movement, the pistons 6 move linearly, back-and-forth within their respective cylinder For efficient operation, Maps engine must always have the pistons 6also called magnetic pistons 6having similar characteristics, in multiples of two and their like poles directly facing each other when the iron plate 4 is pulled out from in-between the like poles.