15 Sep Writer Taslima Nasreen during the launch of her first poetry of the controversial novel Lajja, a fresh English translation of the Bengali work by. Lajja has ratings and reviews. I had been looking forward to reading author Taslima Nasrin’s Lajja since a very long .. Shelves: indian-non-english. Taslima Nasrin’s Lajja: A Shame on Religion and Politics translated from Bangali into many languages including French, Dutch, German, English, Spanish .

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That was the reason that most of the Hindus sent their daughters to India for their education and security. When news of the atrocities committed on Hindus flood in and Suranjan has a first-hand experience of how Hindus are regarded as second-class citizens, his faith in his fellow men is swept away. Her second act of assertion lajja by taslima nasrin in english in her refusal to accept the financial help offered by her son after her husband has a paralytic attack, which apparently depicts her as a victim of patriarchy.

After a while, the brain glazes over and refuses to absorb any more.

Indeed, the wellspring of love for one’s motherland is deep and unremitting. Thirsting for my motherland’s love In the winter ofshortly after Lajja was released, I remember participating in a Quiz contest and being asked to name the author of Lajja.

Tasli,a is the book which made the author a household name in India after she had to leave her country Bangladesh post this book started being talked about everywhere. All in all, she could have covered the whole topic in less than ten pages instead of writing a whole book.

Book Review | Lajja

The same thought system has been instilled in his son Suronjon. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. At every step, Kironmoyee had to sacrifice and behave according to the imposed authority of the ruling class in Bangladesh. View all 3 comments.

Lajja- Tasleema Nasrin

Umat Islam di Bangladesh, melakukan pembalasan ke umat hindu di negaranya. Aug 26, Ranjitha rated it it was amazing.

Sudhamoy, in the end, gives into Suronjon’s demand to move out of Bangladesh, but at what cost? A riot is not an act of nature nor is it an accident. Babri Masjid demolition, under whatever justifications, is undoubtedly the single greatest failure of our democracy and secularism.


Written as a response to the wave of communal violence that rose in Bangladesh after the demolition of Babri Masjid in India inLajja is not only an invaluable historical document but also a text whose relevance has—unfortunately—not been diminished in the two decades it was published. Kironmoyee was mostly in the background, but she had an important role to play.

I thought maybe the lady is Maya, held captive at some place, and thinking of a possible escape route. At times you will feel lajja by taslima nasrin in english hatred towards the crime committed against a specific sect, and at times you feel pity towards humans who take religion above everything else in this world.

The most striking feature of Lajja is Suronjon’s internal struggle of what he believes and what he is witnessing. With all the straightforward facts that Lajja brings to light, it is but obvious that the book is controversial.

But at the same time you still understand his love for the country for which Hindus and Muslims together fought for independence. Their discussions and deliberations lajja by taslima nasrin in english such a delay that Suronjon’s sister Maya, the sanest and rational voice in the story, is abducted from their home, right in front of her parents.

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Lajja is a narration in third person where the author alternates, for the larger part of the book, between the points of views of Sudhamoy and Suronjon. The endless stating of facts as part of dialogues made the book hard hitting yes, but tiresome in some places. The feminist thrust of Nasrin in view englizh the issues pertaining to women, the problems faced by the marginalized Hindus in Bangladesh, and the notions of nation and religion have been intricately woven together in Lajja.

Furthermore, the assumption that a woman has no identity of her own and is dependent on the men around her, be it her father, brother, husband or son, has been amply exemplified in the novel, Sudhamoye, for instance, praises his wife Taslimq and daughter Maya by lajja by taslima nasrin in english Maya: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Lajja by taslima nasrin in english account.

Lajja deals with several feminist issues. And so, if you are wise enough to adhere my summons, then it is high time we replace priests with bartenders. The violence around continues unabated Orang-orang Bengali Timur ini hendak mendirikan sebuah negara yang lebih sekular. Kaum hindu merupakan kaum minoritas di Bangladesh.


Hindu families in the area are now terrified of sending their daughters to school. It was two years then since the Babri Masjid had been demolished, but I hadn’t known of any connection between the demolition and the book. Lajja is a honest book and tells a heart-wrenching story of a family beaten up, but unwilling to lajja by taslima nasrin in english up. Penulisnya kini hidup di pengasingan, berpindah dari negeri satu ke negeri lain dengan ancaman kematian di setiap kemunculannya.

Tempat ini sendiri dianggap sebagai tempat lahirnya Rama bagi umat Hindu. In fact, Nasrin demonstrates the ways how patriarchal mindset challenges individuality and self-respect of lajj. Sudhamoy believes that Bangladesh is his country, where he lived his whole life and will die also in it’s arm. Nasrln want to cling to that hope that, no matter what the lajja by taslima nasrin in english has gone through, Maya will return and “everything will be all right.

And of religions whose lajja by taslima nasrin in english purpose seems to be to divide people. This is a story of a Bengali family living in Bangladesh during the Babri Masjid demolition and consecutive riots. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Kemerdekaan yang diraih bersama-sama, tanpa melihat perjuangan merebut kemerdekaan adalah untuk satu penganut agama saja. Books by Taslima Nasrin. Paperbackpages.

He obviously didnt go to church. Saat teman-teman, tetangga, dan kerabatnya berobondong-bondong meninggalkan Banglades menuju India untuk menyelamatkan diri, Sudhamoy sekeluarga tetap bertahan dengan sebongkah keyakinan bahwa biar bagaimanapun yang terbaik adalah tetap tinggal di tanah lajja by taslima nasrin in english sendiri, kalau perlu sampai ajal menjemput. Belonging to a minority community Hinduthe Dutta family faces multitude of problems solely for the reason of being a Hindu.