Clavell is in top-notch form in this sequel to Tai-pan, the second novel in what will be the Gai-Jin. James Clavell, Author Delacorte Press $ (p) ISBN . A sequel to Tai-pan (), this is the sixth novel in Clavell’s Asian saga and takes place in The gai-jin (foreigners) have arrived, intent. The heir to the magnificent English trading company, the Noble House the direct descendant of the first Toranaga Shogun battling to usher his country.

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I would recommend this book, but certainly not over Shogun and, from what other readers say, not over Tai-pan or Noble House. After all, in life, nobody is absolutely wrong and nobody absolutely right.

Narrative method 2 – the omniscient narrator is reporting a conversation, then memory or not? View all 3 comments. I have high hopes that Ian Dunross, the Tai-pan of Struans in the book Noble House, will finally provide jamea with the strong willed, smart, cunning character I so adored in Dirk Struan. Not even a decent bodice-ripper. However, on a wider scale, the book tells the story of the opening up of Japan consequent to Commodore Perry’s arrival, inwith the black ships and the ‘unfair treaties’ that were then jamess on the weakening Tokugawa shogunate.

If you answer differently Cant remember that ever happening. You just have kin read it for yourself. Walk Like a Dragon film, It’s very much an immersion in the times, but 2 cultures, not just the single one of Shogun.

Babcott operates on Malcolm.

GAI-JIN by James Clavell | Kirkus Reviews

Nov 27, Honza rated it really liked it. These stories become entwined as the Japanese are forced jakes do business with the Gai-jins because they need their cannon, rifles, and ammunition as they prepare for the internal struggle for power that is about to begin. Also in Asian Saga.

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And here East meets West in an inevitable collision of two equally powerful cultures as James Clavell creates a vibrant and authentic show more. Maybe it’s me, maybe it’s just that the book is heavier than the usual, brilliant James Clavell.

Please provide an email address. Gai-Jin – James Clavell.

James Clavell’s Gai-Jin : A Novel of Japan

It doesn’t really matter how many literary plots one believes in, Clavell seems to incorporate them all into his novels. The two main characters — Malcolm Struan and Yoshi Toranaga are based on real people. There were just so many characters in the novel and different factions within Japan fighting for power that I had a hard time following it and the main character was just not strong enough. But he was glad her head was deep in his shoulder greatcoat.

I have to admit the book definitely is way too long for what it contains, but I absolutely reject ja,es idea that there is no central character. We are experiencing technical difficulties.

Here there isn’t one. This position puts him at odds with almost everyone around him. Somehow, at one point, I found this talk of sex to be tiring, thinking whether it is really the case that people think about sex all the time.

The telling of the struggle between Japan and the Gai-jin foreignersand the internal struggle between The Japanese shogunate this ruling clan that gained supreme power in th This book is my least favorite in Clavell’s Asian saga. Dangerous, lots of blood, samurais, spies, prostitutes – another well crafted masterpiece.

He is not expected to last long and while he is in bed jwmes, he shows his emotions for Angelique, a voluptuous but penniless French girl.


FACT BEHIND FICTION | Gai-Jin – James Clavell

Malcolm Struan is heir to the Noble House of Struan’s, but he is not yet of age and therefore technically not yet ” taipan “. The writing style though is solid, and is clearly well-researched, a definite plus for this book.

Ninjas and Samurai – Fucking Ninjas and Samurai, nuff said. Published April 3rd by Dell first published O I admire Clavell, and would normally rate all his books as 5 out of 5. Other books in the series. Overall, it’s a saga, and it delivered. Jul 26, Kylie rated it liked it Shelves: Both men are masters of their trades.

All in a thousand-page historical novel. However, where Iin had one main character this one had a bunch 10? Their lives continue, your life continues.


Not as good as Shogun, but similar in many ways: Feb 23, Richard Beasley rated it liked it. Oct 12, Frank Pinelander rated it really liked it. Two days later Malcolm is moved to the merchant’ settlement clafell Yokohama. There is a huge cast, many with strange to me since they’re Japanese Now I know why I didn’t like jzmes book as well – no strong central character. I did break one of my unwritten rules by watching the miniseries based on Noble House before reading the book.

The main character of this book is: Obsessed with her, Ori rapes her again.