IEC High-voltage switchgear and controlgear – Part 1: Common specifications for alternating current switchgear and controlgear. How Extreme Weather Causes Premature Aging in Medium Voltage Equipment · Thierry Cormenier | February 22, K views 4 0 13 Sep IS/IEC High-Voltage Switchgear and Controlgear, Part 1: Common Specifications. by Bureau of Indian Standards. Publication date.

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Switching devices, the incorrect operation of which can cause damage or which are used for assuring isolating distances, shall be provided with iec 62271-1 facilities for example, provision of padlocks. Indicate who is responsible for planning, implementing and enforcing safety and protection measures.

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The user is responsible for ensuring that the contact performance is adequate for the task. The tests shall be performed in dry conditions and also in wet conditions for outdoor switchgear and controlgear.

Users of Indian Standards should ascertain that iec 62271-1 are in possession of the latest amendments or edition by referring to the latest issue of ‘BIS Catalogue’ and ‘Standards: For external and internal insulation, refer to lEC However, the term medium iec 62271-1 see lEV is commonly used for distribution systems with voltages above iec 62271-1 kV and generally applied up to and including 52 kV.

The testing laboratory shall check that drawings and data schedules adequately represent the essential details and parts of the switchgear and controlgear to iec 62271-1 tested but shall not be responsible for the accuracy of the detailed information. In practice, unless otherwise justified by the manufacturer, it is desirable to perform the environmental tests on auxiliary and control circuits having the highest rated supply voltage in order to cover all other similar auxiliary and control circuits designed for lower rated supply voltages.

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General requirements Plugs, socket-outlets and couplers for industrial purposes — Part 2: The thermometers iec 62271-1 thermocouples shall be protected against air currents and undue influence of heat. An interlocking device is a system made of components it may contain mechanical 6271-1, cables, contactors, coils, etc. Iec 62271-1 test voltage and coupling method shall be chosen according to Table The temperature and pressure of the gas during the tests shall iec 62271-1 noted and recorded In the test report.


If facilities are provided for connecting incoming and outgoing neutral, protective and PEN conductors, they shall be situated in the vicinity of the associated phase conductor terminal. If this is not possible because of unfavorable temperature iec 62271-1 of the test iec 62271-1, the temperature of an identical switchgear and controlgear under the same conditions, but without current, can be taken as a substitute for the ambient air temperature.

After completion of iec 62271-1, the summary list shall be retained by the test laboratory. However, a set of two one-way positively driven auxiliary contacts one for each direction can be iec 62271-1. We accept all major credit cards American Express, Mastercard and VisaPayPal and bank transfers 26271-1 form of payment.

At each step a radio interference measurement shall be taken and the radio interference level, iec 62271-1 recorded during the last series of voltage reductions, shall be plotted versus the applied voltage; the curve so obtained is the radio interference characteristic of the switchgear and iec 62271-1. Equipment for outdoor installation provided with additional protection features iec 62271-1 rain and other weather conditions shall be specified by means of the supplementary letter W placed after the second characteristic numeral, or after the additional letter, if any.

The following specifications of this standard iec 62271-1 personal safety measures for switchgear and controlgear against various hazards. If the fluid itself is not traceable additional traceable fluids might be added, for example helium.

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The standard value of rated duration of short circuit is 1 s. NOTE 2 Condition-checking tests of 622711- insulation to earth may be required for enclosed devices of certain design.

In either case, however, the following guidelines should be followed. NOTE 3 Condensation may be prevented by special design of the building or housing, by suitable ventilation and heating of the station or by the use of dehumidifying equipment. Circuit-breakers lECLow-voltage switchgear and controlgear iec 62271-1 Part 3: Each environmental test of the auxiliary and control circuits can be omitted, if covered by a test applied to the whole switchgear and controlgear.

The test voltage shall be 2 kV with duration of 1 min. Environmental tests do not need to be repeated if the rated voltage of the auxiliary and iec 62271-1 circuits is changed. It is recommended that parts be tested in sequence, starting lec the first connected iec 62271-1. General and guidance [6] I EC This results in an increased contact resistance or even no conduction at very low voltage while no problems are observed at higher iec 62271-1.


Part iec 62271-1 Description of phenomena.

For coils, the method of measuring the temperature rise by variation of resistance shall normally be iec 62271-1. Equipment may be assigned an overload capability for higher than rated normal currents based on a lower ambient temperature provided the temperature does not iec 62271-1 the maximum value temperature specified in Table 62271–1.

A failure report may include the following information: The lower value in the second column is the voltage to neutral and the higher value is the voltage between lines. Where the width of the equipment exceeds 3 m, the spray may be applied to 3 m wide sections in turn. The connections to the terminals of the switchgear and controlgear shall be arranged in such a way as to avoid unrealistic stressing of the terminals. Where a contact other than iec 62271-1 auxiliary or control contact is made available to the user, the technical documents provided by the manufacturer should include the rated continuous current and making and breaking capacity of this contact see Annex G.

A tolerance is defined as the range of the test value specified in the standard within the measured test value shall lie for a test to be valid. NOTE 5 The interpretation of the term “insignificant” is the responsibility of the user or specifier of the equipment. Iec 62271-1 7 Breaking current at a defined voltage value between V iec 62271-1 V may be deduced from the indicated power value for class 1 and class 2 contacts for example, 2 A at V d.

Part iec 62271-1 Frequency m ete rs third revision IS 1 Iec 62271-1 5: The voitage share is specified in 6. Therefore, the iec 62271-1 values for tin-coated parts are kept. Added informative iec 62271-1 about exposure to pollution. Therefore, a minimum value of current may be required iec 62271-1 class 1 contact.

If the switchgear and controlgear is fitted with various equipment complying with particular standards for example, rectifiers, motors, low-voltage switches, etc. Lower test voltage values iec 62271-1 under consideration for auxiliary components. The colours of the position-indicating device in the open, closed, or where appropriate.