CA is a BiMOS Operational Amplifier with MOSFET. The term BiMOS implies Alternatives Comparator Op-Amp IC. LM,LM CA Datasheet. CA Printer Friendly Version. 15MHz, BiMOS Operational Amplifier with MOSFET Input/CMOS Output. Datasheet &. Related Docs. Description. Key. CA datasheet, CA pdf, CA data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, General Electric Solid State, BiMOS Operational Amplifiers.

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The tester is wired around an 8 pin IC base into which the IC to be tested can be inserted. It also has terminals for additional frequency roll off and offset nulling. It is the 4. Ic ca3130 datasheet you for your request. Pin1 forms the emitter of output transistor. The CA can work in a Single supply voltage or in a dual supply mode. For a operational amplifier, the gain is at leastand can be ic ca3130 datasheet than a million 1, Skip to main content. It is a circuit which compares a signal voltage applied at one input of an op-amp with a known reference voltage at the other input.

Polarity remains the same in non-inverting amplifier.

CA Datasheet(PDF) – Intersil Corporation

Your request will be reviewed by the Product Line Marketing manager for this part and upon their approval the document will be delivered to you. The input current requirement is very low around ic ca3130 datasheet. Here pin 2 gets 4. Pin 2 inverting input ic ca3130 datasheet IC is connected to a potential divider R2, R3 that gives half supply voltage to pin 2.

It exhibits very fast response and high speed of performance.

Op-Amp IC’s – Pin Configuration, Features & Working

One voltage is called the reference voltage and the other is ic ca3130 datasheet the input voltage. Learn how the ISL instrumentation amplifier is capable of being datasheeg in high side shunt current sense amplifier.


The notch at the left side of ic ca3130 datasheet IC should match with the notch in the IC base. The design is a voltage comparator. Intersil demonstrates some wideband single ended input to differential output options using the ISL Active Balun Evaluation Platform. It has both PMOS transistors and high voltage bipolar transistors inside.

The input current can be as low as 10pA. If the voltage at the Non-Inverting Terminal pin 3 is high than the Inverting Terminal pin 2 the output pin 7 will also be high else the output will be low.

So the output remains low and LED will be dark. The characteristics of the ic ca3130 datasheet are no latch-up when input common mode range is exceeded, freedom from oscillations.

The IC is internally phase compensated for stable operation. Hence this tester is useful to check the working of the Op Amp during trouble darasheet or servicing. The presence of PMOS datasyeet at the inputs results in common mode input voltage capacity down to 0. It is excellent Op Amp that requires very low input current requirements. Output pin 6 is used to connect the visual indicator LED via the lc limiting resistor R4. The difference between the two is small but significant.

The special ability of this op-amp is to work with high frequencies ; it has a CMRR of 80dB and the rise time is as low as 0. A Ic ca3130 datasheet transistor-pair, ic ca3130 datasheet of swinging ic ca3130 datasheet output voltage to within 10mV of either supply-voltage terminal at very ic ca3130 datasheet values of load impedanceis employed as the output circuit. Potential dividers of LM are connected to the inverting and non inverting inputs of the op-amp to give some voltage at these terminals.

Its inputs can be biased with very low input currents. Industrial Power Solutions 2. Sign in Welcome Name Your Profile. It is an 8 pin IC. Top menu About Us Advertise. Insert the IC in to the socket with correct orientation.


Pin 7 is connected to the collector of the NPN output transistor. And when the resistance falls making available a voltage to the non-inverting input higher than inverting input, so that the output of comparator is logic high.

CA3130 MOSFET Op-Amp

Login is required to request a datasheet. This pin is connected to the ground of the system Negative voltage can also be used. The pin connection of Fa3130 is fa3130 from other OpAmps. It is an easy to make tool which is essential in the work bench of a hobbyist or technician. Vcc is usually in the range from ic ca3130 datasheet to 15 volts. This indicates that the circuitry inside the IC is working. It has JFET inputs and ic ca3130 datasheet outputs.

A sample circuit is shown below. When the inverting input is more than the non-inverting then logic low 0 will be the output. Normally the output transistor is in ic ca3130 datasheet off state and its collector will be pulled to Vcc. It is a pin dual in line package DIPshown in figure below:. Ic ca3130 datasheet my name, email, and website in fa3130 browser for the next time I comment.

If its base gets more than 0. They can be phase compensated with datasjeet single external capacitor, and have terminals for adjustment of offset voltage for applications requiring offset-null capability.

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