HC-SR05 / HY-SRF05 Precision Ultrasonic Sensor from UPGRADE INDUSTRIES on Check the datasheet for details and graphs but these are the highlights. Ultrasonic distance sensor (HY-SRF05) with 2channel Logic Level converter. Use two GPIO Trig(T) Echo(E). Update –> check distance and update. T28 –> Trig. 23 Feb HY-SRF05 Datasheet – Ultrasonic Distance Sensor – Arduino, HYSRF05, HY- SRF05 pdf, HY-SRF05 pinout, HY-SRF05 equivalent, HY-SRF

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Sounds like a “removed” alarm output. I haven’t played with the Mode pin.

So the OP can use 5V power stf05 now knowing that everything is getting enough power. Has anyone used these successfully with a picaxe? The SRF05 can be triggered as fast as hy srf05 datasheet 50mS, or 20 times each second. I put it against a ruler for a check, but irrespective of where I placed the barrier I kept hy srf05 datasheet a reading srg05 I then thought I could translate this to the 14M2 I used originally, but I got no response at all.

Distance Measurement with an Ultrasonic Sensor HY-SRF05

They also provide lower minimum distances and wider angles sfr05 detection to gaurantee that obstacles are not missed by a narrow hy srf05 datasheet beam. I have also looked at the information presented on http: Hello erco, eggdweather and hippy no particular order. Hello datashret Thank you for taking the time to reply, I used your code in conjunction with the other information from the other thread. The PIC16F’s programming pins are also used for other functions on the SRF05, so make sure you don’t connect anything hy srf05 datasheet these pins, or you will disrupt the modules operation.


You have that long to turn the trigger hy srf05 datasheet around and make it an input and to have your pulse measuring code ready. I uy these questions because electronics is not my background and I figure if you don’t know – ask for help. I included a debug line in your code and could see that the sensor was reading something. Not sure what the problem is, but IMO your sanity and happiness is hy srf05 datasheet a dollar for a new sensor or two.

Index of /Electronica/Datasheets/Sensores/HY-SRF05

If the width of the pulse is measured in uS, then dividing by 58 will give you the distance in cm, or dividing by will give the distance in inches. One bad hy srf05 datasheet just zeroes out so I trashed it.

Not much in the way of a data sheet, but I hy srf05 datasheet this “tech spec”: Ultrasonic sensors overcome many of the weaknesses of IR sensors – they provide distance measurement regardless of color and lighting of obstacles.

I dwtasheet looked through the threads in the forum and also at lets hy srf05 datasheet robots with no luck at this point.

I looked at your schematic and will use the 2k2. Apparently it’s a mode pin on the original SRF05, selecting one or two datashset mode. I did test one-pin mode on an sensor and it worked: They work fine in two pin or one pin mode, same as SRF types, but of course the hy srf05 datasheet is different, the ground connection is moved over one pin to make room for the mysterious Datashee pin, which I left floating.


Each product was inspired by our experiences as engineering students and our dissatisfaction with what the market had to offer.

Index of /Electronica/Datasheets/Sensores/HY-SRF05

I will take this module to the bin and buy a HC-SR Ok, why do I want to learn how to do electronics? If yours wasn’t damaged originally, it may be now after 6 volts. I received a lot of feedback from the debug, but I really had no idea of what I hy srf05 datasheet eatasheet.

I’m answering your PM question here, perhaps it may assist someone else with the same problem. BTW all my tests were at 4. Again thank you for your input.

Help with HY SRF05 ultrasonic distance sensor [Archive] – PICAXE Forum

Then you can see exactly what your sensor is sending to picaxe. These sensors have a brief current spike when the output pulse is generated and ht good batteries to avoid resetting.

Those sensors are dirt cheap: Hi erco Thanks for the pep talk, I wont give up. Your video is brilliant, again thanks Regards Gaetano Hi. The Dtaasheet includes a small delay before the echo pulse to give hy srf05 datasheet controllers such hy srf05 datasheet the Basic Stamp and Picaxe time to execute their pulse in commands.