EMC delivers an all-purpose, unified storage array tailor made for the IT generalist and the small-business budget. Buy a EMC VNXe – NAS or other SAN/Storage Networking Kits at . Buy certified pre-owned EMC VNXe with warranty, available to ship. Sell or support your hardware, find compatible DAEs, drives & tech specs.

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Please help me to solve this problem as soon as possible.

Justin May 19, at While setting this thing up I found that it was super easy to get the license key installed. Keep us posted on your experiences with it….

Tom September 19, at 2: Justin is a Technical Alliances Architect for Zerto. How many drives do you have in the unit?

EMC VNXe Controller | Unified Storage System | Reliant Technology

Can you please advice on which interface I should go for? I am currently working with this devices. Rod Newcomb September 2, at 1: Depending on the type of disk you have, and the type of pool you want, you are required to add drives to that pool in a certain order. Thank you for writing this blog. Also would ec please comment about using SAS vs. Justin November 22, at 8: Justin April 21, at 8: Monday, 31 December You are here: Related Posts Finally, a geek travel router I love!


I uploaded it and it unlocked all sorts of fun features, I managed to find a list of features and ejc they are included in the base license or vmxe they are an upgrade. I have already subscribed, loads of excellent content! Well after letting it settle down I was able to get in and take a look at what it did. Hey Justin, we are looking at afor vnxf archive storage in NFS, current dl is getin a bit over tired, these storage pools have me concerned, does this mean the size of a folder is limited?

Dzmitryj September 29, at I believe there is a maximum number of drives per storage pool, but you would have to check with EMC to see what that limit is. Let me just say that Unisphere is a much-needed improvement over the previous generation interface Navisphere Vbxe for this price range.

EMC VNXe 3100 – NAS server – 6 TB Series

The P will let you do anything you want so it is much more flexible. Justin May 25, at 8: Justin September 29, at 5: Justin September 2, at 7: Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

After running what seemed like 10 start-up wizards it finally asked me if I wanted it to automatically provision vnxxe hot spare and a storage pool… I figured sure why not, after all it probably knows better then I do on how to set itself up right? No, no raid 0 support.


When I opened it up I noticed there were 3 drives that had not been used, I thought … well, how odd is that… why would it leave disks unused if I told it to auto-provision.

Personally if i had to chose between the two i would purchase on price as i like both. You can get them through distribution 31100 ingram micro, but i do not recall what the part number was.

Justin September 19, at 7: Instead we presented the same space through a windows file server for better quote management support. I was leaning towards the P G3 too! Mahesh May 19, at 3: Shawn April 20, at 7: Mahesh May 28, at 4: ABID October 25, at Stefan November 21, at 7: The are only two features on the VNXe that would make that the winner in my opinion: Well both the 2.