In Crank, Ellen Hopkins chronicles the turbulent and often disturbing relationship between Kristina, a character based on her own daughter, and the “monster,”. Crank is a novel by Ellen Hopkins published in It is based loosely on the real life addictions of her daughter to crystal meth. The book is required reading. Glass is the second novel in the verse novel series Crank by Ellen Hopkins, published in hardcover in August and in softcover on April 7, The third.

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I was originally quite skeptical about this format, but I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and felt that the use of this format added an extra dimension to the story.

The writing style was ctank. He also gave Crank to Kristina. I wanted to get into their heads. It became an addiction of my own, but hardly on the level of addiction those teenagers faced.

hpkin I got around hundred or so pages in before the following hours of the next morning, where I began to devour the book and refused could to put it down from then on. That was all Bree.

Crank Series by Ellen Hopkins

She agrees to him moving in and they soon begin to live together. It hurt to read this at some parts, made me want to shake Kristina and beg her to “please, stop” to tell her she’s “better than this. During this time in the novel, she believes that Chase is the father, having had sex with Chase a couple of weeks after being raped. The novel Crank is written in a form of free verse. I cried for myself, because I desperately needed to cry. Take a good, long look around and come back often.


A young girl, fighting with her own demons, visits her long lost father one fateful summer and her life collides with the monster.

SEP 5, 2018

But my hope leaped forward when a realized that this book was written in, yessss, poetry! The characters in the book are Kristina Georgia a.

Everything else just made me feel like this. But she stopped doing it so her baby could out alright instead of mutated by the drug. Adam introduced her to crank. The way they get to play you, all the while claiming they love you and making you believe it’s true. Still answers to the same name. Go Ask Alice is written in a ellen simple diary format, whereas Crank is written more like poems. I recommend this book to anyone who wants a very emotional read, and ctank characters.

Preview — Crank by Ellen Hopkins.

His voice dripped Honey and cream, Irresistible poison. Kristina is also not showing up to classes, because she is spending all of her time getting high and dealing drugs on “The Avenue”. One of my favourite series is the Brilliance Saga by Marcus Sakey and it is our featured series of the month. I am a drug addict myself.

It follows a sixteen-year-old girl who discovers a monster.


Crank Series

It breaks my heart reading this. Took away his smile, his muscular frame, his strength. Paperbackpages. And I lost our daughter because I was using other drugs to try and deal with the fact that I lost the man I was going to marry to Crystal Meth. A must read and I can’t wait to read the sequel “Glass”. But this novel made me feel all kinds of things that I don’t ever want to experience.

By OctoberCrank hit the stands and serise six weeks within the market, it soared up to the top ten lists. Ellen Nopkin is able to convict a lot of raw emotion in very few words.

I still love Impulse more in there, it was hopkni real about deaths and everything, it scared me.

Thinking up excuses for them, not wanting to admit that something is seriously wrong. Also, nobody forced her to snort.

Crank (novel) – Wikipedia

Took a man blessed with kindness and made him mean. One could say that that aptly describes the average teenager. If you liked “Go Ask Alice” this is the book for you.

She is only still I have read books on incest, abuse and alcoholism. Her poetry has been called “interior”.