Framax. The Doka frame formwork Framax is the ideal frame formwork for large- area forming using the crane. The exceptionally high load capacity and long. The Doka Framax Xlife system is a heavy duty clamp system with a long lifespan that is perfect for large area wall forming. with Framax Xlife universal panels. 94 with Framax outside corners and Framax. Xlife panels. Doka column formwork platform /90cm. Circular.

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Brochures Doka Framax Brochure. This makes it possible to place self-compacting concrete SCC by pumping it into doka framax formwork from below. Connectors Joining the famax takes a single blow with the hammer – for fast assembly of the wall form without additional tools. Are ideal for corners and bulkheads – for optimum utilization of the wall formwork.

The universal panel SCC has a special adapter with a gate for connecting to doka framax pumps.

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The multi-function clamp has an adjustment range up to 6″ 15 cm doka framax, which matches exactly the steps in panel widths. Question over this item?

The 90 cm and cm wide Framax Xlife universal panels are ideal for forming changing column cross-sections in 2″ increments – without extra column formwork on the construction site. Same price per piece as the bid Accessories available on request: Circular Formwork with Framax Xlife The doka framax way to form chorded circular walls. Pierce it, so there are no ugly marks in the concrete. With its 15 cm clamping range, the Framax multi-function clamp matches the panel size-grid doka framax.


This makes for doka framax working, with no need for any additional tools. Universal panels The special pattern of holes makes these panels ideal for the economical forming doka framax outside corners, wall connections, bulkheads and columns. The panels can be connected at any point around the frame using Framax standard or multi-function clamps.

With the Framax Circular forming plates and Framax Xlife formwork panels, radius walls can be formed effortlessly.

Framed formwork Framax Xlife – Doka

Auctelia is … A used industrial equipment broker and auctioneer Exclusively professional equipment for sale A trusted doka framax party with payment on our account Discover Auctelia Buyer or seller, Auctelia is your partner. Please refer to our extensive privacy statement doka framax more information. Pilasters The pilaster panels make quick work of forming pilasters.

It holds the panels together on the side that is put up first.

These include country doka framax language settings. Doka framax Xlife panel C: Self-compacting concrete SCC reduces air content by itself and finds its own level. Framax panels provide a tie spacing of 20 S.

This ergonomically doka framax option for manipulating the ties from just one side frmaax the formwork saves time, and thus shortens the forming-times. Plastic tube 26mm Doka framax Integrated waling system Connecting rails over the entire width of the panels ensure fast installation of accessories such as panel struts, universal waling and walkway brackets – quick as a flash at any location along the integrated waling system.

Folded flat for stripping and resetting.

This helps us to guarantee the best possible doka framax of our website, especially. No search doka framax Thanks to its ‘parking’ position at the form-tie point, the form tie is readily at hand. Horizontal stacking with only a few standard panels thanks to square-shaped basic element. This helps us to guarantee the best possible performance of our website, especially the constant improvement of the functionality of our website analysis of the user visita smooth shopping experience when using the Doka online shop or the placement of suitable advertising for users doka framax certain platforms.


Framax S universal cone 1″ Permitted capacity, allowing a doka framax The Framax stripping doka framax I was designed specifically for use with shaft formwork. Do you consent to the use of cookies and the processing of personal data associated therewith?

Settings for cookies and third-party applications. Social The use of social media cookies and applications allows advertising that is suitable for you to be displayed on corresponding platforms. Accelerated work progress as there is no need for doka framax. Economical for bulkheads and corners also. You can find more information on doka framax use of cookies foka opt-out options in our privacy statement.

This helps us to guarantee doka framax best possible performance of our website, especially. Fittings for formwork, slab, Support for railing protection Start price: Please refer to our extensive privacy statement for more information.

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Hot-dipped galvanized and doka framax doma steel frames eliminate rust and reduce maintenance costs. Doka framax Isel Ski-Jump More. Further information Yes, I agree You can find more information on the use of cookies and opt-out options in our privacy statement.

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