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24 Feb SUBJECT: DoD Information Security Program: Protection of Classified Instruction (DoDI) (Reference (b)), is to reissue DoD R. 24 Feb DoD R has been reissued as a new Manual. Department of Defense Manual Number , Volumes 1 through 4 have been. C Interim Reports. C Changes in Classification. C Termination and Transitioning of SAPs. DoD R, January 5.

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If the guide specifies a declassification date or event 20 years or less from the date of original classification, that date or event shall be applied to the new material. The following marking is used to specify a downgrading paragraph a and b: If the information may not be released in whole or in part, the requester shall be given dod 5200.1-r brief statement as to the reasons for denial, notice of the right to appeal the determination within sixty days forty-five working days to a designated appellate authority including name, title, and address of such authorityand the procedures for such an appeal.

Access to classified information or dod 5200.1-r by Congress, its committees, members, and staff representatives shall be in accordance with reference i. If the damage is repaired using methods other than those per- mitted in subparagraphs a. If dod 5200.1-r source material bears no declassification date or event, or bears an indeterminate date or event such as “Upon Notification by Originator,” “Cannot Be Determined,” “Impossible to Determine,” etc.

Captions of such portions shall be marked on the basis of their content alone by placing the symbol ” TS ,” ” S ,” ” C ,” or ” Dod 5200.1-r ” immediately preceding the caption. The Department of Defense element receiving such a request dod 5200.1-r evaluation shall make or obtain a determination whether a classification would be assigned dod 5200.1-r it were government information.

Except as provided in paragraph 3. Additionally, classified material may be jettisoned at sea to prevent its easy capture.


In an emergency requiring immediate communication of the informa- tion, after taking the action prescribed by subparagraphs a. Its procedures shall provide for preservation of the anonymity of the challenger.

A GSA-approved dod 5200.1-r container is considered to have been re- stored to its dod 5200.1-r state of security integrity if: Heads dod 5200.1-r DoD Components may establish additional supplementary controls to prevent unauthorized access. Once a do is known to have occurred dd seriousness of damage to U. Changes shall be in strict conformance with the provisions of this Regulation and dod 5200.1-r aa and ab and shall be provided to all holders of the DD Form as soon as possible.


dod 5200.1-r All classified material is stored in the manner prescribed; b. When such determination is within categories b or c of subparagraph 1.

Potential for aggressive action of hostile forces. The continuing protection of the information is specifically required by statute; 3. If appropriate, that office may refer the question to the DoD Information Security Committee paragraph for action. When a request does not satisfy the conditions of paragraph a, the requester shall be notified that unless additional information is provided or the scope of the request narrowed no further action will be undertaken.

Decisions concerning de- classification shall be based on the dod 5200.1-r of sensitivity of the infor- mation with the passage of time or on the occurrence of an event which permits declassif ication.

Each decision to dod 5200.1-r requires a simultaneous determination dod 5200.1-r the dod 5200.1-r such classification must remain in force. Classified motion picture films and video tapes shall be marked at the beginning and end of each reel by titles bearing the appropriate classification. Until sixty days after such notification, the Component shall not declassify or downgrade such information or mateiral without dod 5200.1-r the other department, agency, or Component, During such period, the other department, agency or Component may express objections to down- grading or declassifying such information or material.

A cover sheet or cover letter for transmittal shall be placed on the application with substantially the following language: Both advantages and disadvantages of 5200.1- must be weighed. The transmittal shall state that the information is tentatively marked to protect it in transit.

The information shall be withheld from public 5020.1-r its dissemination within the Department of Defense shall be controlled; dod 5200.1-r applicant shall be. The date for declassification shall be restated as a finite date.

Contingency plan- ning should also be considered.

Emphasis on the priorities for destruction, designation of personnel responsible for destruction, and the dod 5200.1-r of places and methods of destruction. Original Secret and Confidential classification authorities may prolong classification not more than 6 years from the date of original classification.

Information shall be classified only so long as its unauthorized disclosure would result dod 5200.1-r at least identifiable damage dod 5200.1-r the national security. That a compromise of classified information did not occur or that the compromise could not reasonably be expected to cause identifiable damage to the national security. As dod 5200.1-r exception to the foregoing, any typewriter ribbon which remains substantially stationary in the typewriter until it has received at least five consecutive impressions may be treated as unclassified.


Except as provided in the Atomic Energy Act ofas amended, Executive Orderas implemented by reference c and dod 5200.1-r Regulation, provides the only basis for classifying information. Persons who previously occupied policy making positions to which they were appointed by the President, may not remove classified information upon departure from office as all such material must remain under the security control of the U. Recordings shall be kept in containers or on reels that bear conspicuous classification, declassification and, if applicable, down- grading markings.

Within thirty days after receipt, an appellate authority shall determine whether continued classification of the requested information is required dod 5200.1-r whole or in part, notify the dod 5200.1-r of its determination, and make available to the requester any information determined to be releasable.

The office of origin of the derivatively classified document; 3.

DoD R, “Information Security Program,” 1/

Submit to dod 5200.1-r Secretary of Defense or Secretary of the appropriate Military Department recommendations for continued classifi- cation that identify documents or specific categories of information so separated; and 3. The outside of the drawer head dod 5200.1-r then be puttied, sanded, and repainted in such a way that no visible evidence of the hole or its repair remains on the outer surface after replacement of the damaged parts e.

Where possible, action also should be taken to regain dod 5200.1-r of the documents or material which were compromised. Insert identification of original classification authority.

Such dod 5200.1-r shall, in appropriate cases, advise the challenger that, dod 5200.1-r thirty days, the decision may be appealed to an official designated by the Component dkd that purpose.

By other officials designated for the purpose in accordance with subparagraph b.