In this introspective fourth Final Prophecy paranormal (after ‘s Skykeepers), Andersen ramps up the danger. Ex-therapist Jade saw too. Demonkeepers: A Novel of the Final Prophecy [Jessica Andersen] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. View our feature on Jessica. Demonkeepers (Nightkeepers, book 4) by Jessica Andersen – book cover, description, publication history.

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I don’t recommend reading these books back to back. Lists with This Book. Jade’s main responsibility has always been to the Nightkeeper archives but wants to be out fighting with the others and have magic of her own. Ships from the UK.

This book focuses on the two misfits in the group Lucas and Demonkeepes and how they develop their powers. Or does she really love him, and can he admit to his feelings for her? If you want to start reading this series, do so in the right order. And she never wanted her seer powers, so she cannot help them either.

Jessica Andersen

I liked Jade and Lucius and most of the other characters, although I’m developing a strong dislike for Anna. That’s the way that this book starts out- oh, and the shocker that the Lucius she left the lean, geeky one has been replaced with this huge, buff, sexy guy with the Lucius that she could have jessida in love with inside him.

The Lucius that Jade meets now is physically different. There should have been hundreds of them to fight the demons, not just the handful of warriors they are! Gone is the geeky, gawky, nerdy boy. Skykeepers Nightkeepers, demonkeeperz 4.


From reading Nightkeepersthere were some characters that I wanted to know more about, like Rabbit, Sven, Cara, and Jade.

And I sure hope my anderswn proves to be unfounded.

Andersen’s Final Prophecy series, but unfortunately there were too many issues combined between the hero and heroine to let that greatness and awesomeness truly shine. She’s a NightKeeper, but her magic is basically non-existent, but the two of them together are perfect. Nor is returning again, anxersen with the warnings his predecessor left him.

The Nightkeepers Series

Both wanted to do more than what they felt they were actually capable of doing. Aug 28, Jennifer rated it it was ok Shelves: However, jessuca through that — we have a great romance and a really fun story.

The end, move along, nothing but Mayan sex magic to see here! They all seemed to learn some hard painful truths an Lucius is the odd man out, at times he seems like he is part of the group, yet other times he is on the outside looking in.

Jessica Andersen – Wikipedia

It has plenty of action and is ve This is Jessica Andersen’s take on the Mayan doomsday demonkefpers.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Night Life by Caitlin Kittredge. That was 6 months ago and things have changed a lot in the interim, but demonieepers the NightKeepers call Jade back to Skywatch to see if a bit of sex magic can help Lucius out, she decides that she can take one for the team.


Magic Unchained The Nightkeepers, 7 4. As a romance I found Demonkeeprs exceptionl; it was on point with both Jade and Lucius finding their way to each other as well as finding their place in the ‘final prophecy’.

Out of all the NightKeepers, I think that these 2 are my favorite couple so far They both have huge insecurities, but they recognize that in each other and know how to bolster jssica other up.

– Demon Keepers by Jessica Andersen

They all seemed to learn some hard painful truths and realize, really realize that the winkin lived through this event demonkespers it is still very painful for them.

In order to kick-start his powers the Nightkeepers think he needs to invoke sex magic, which means Jade is in for a bootycall. Jessica Andersen Average rating: Not quite a 5 Star read for me – possibly because I’ve been reading these one after another without a break and its overloading my brain Jessica Andersen is pretty terrific when it comes to action sequences and building tension. The last time I checked in with Andersen’s The Final Prophecy series was back inwhen it was still being referred to as Nightkeepers.