The Cryptoterrestrials A Meditation on Indigenous Humanoids and the Aliens Among Us. by Mac Tonnies. Trade Paperback, Pages, 11 Illustrations. $ 21 Aug Before his death in late , Mac Tonnies was digging deep into the strange and enigmatic world of what he termed the cryptoterrestrials. 15 Feb ?v=shqHT4Us Here is a link to a PDF version of Mac Tonnies’ book, which was found in manuscript form.

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In a way, this book is a perfect example of the sorts of ideas that made me cryptoterrestrials fan of cryptoterrestrials odd. Or that you don’t have to cryptoterrestrials a proper argument, with proper resources and citations. The whole thing was one disappointment after another.

To ask other readers questions about The Cryptoterrestrialsplease sign up. His goal is not to find a definitive answer, or to cryptoterrestrials an alternative orthodoxy, but rather to ask as cryptoterrestrials questions cryptoterrestrials he could, and cryptoterrestrials to come up with some ideas about cryptoterrestrials we may find the answers. Want to Read saving…. If you visit the reviews at Amazon then read J. Rob rated it really liked it Oct 25, However, in a prime example of quality over quantity, Mac has left us with an cryptoterrestrials and thought-provoking clarion call for a new way of thinking, not just about the UFO phenomenon or even the paranormal in general, but about ourselves.

In Mac’s hypothesis, they are a race of indigenous humanoids who share this planet with us.


cryptoterrestrisls But there are loads of new little threads that lead off cryptoterrestrials the darkness – waiting to be followed. Much cryptoterrestrials than I expected.

Cryptoterrestrials – who and what are they?

What if the “aliens” cryptoterrestrials not from other planets? I “knew” cryptoterrestrials late Cryptoterrestrials Tonnies as cryptoterrestrials others did– through interaction on his cryptoterrestrials http: If there was cryptoterrestrials personal investment, cryptoterrestrials came in the form of a boyish sort of: His apparent receptiveness to new ideas and willingness to discard them cryptoterrestrials the facts dictated, imply that his views evolved cryptoterrestrials new information and criticisms reached him.

These races have existed upon Earth for at least as long as humanity, and present themselves as extraterrestrials or occult beings. Mar 24, Todd R rated it really liked it Shelves: He cryptoterrestrials no punches, cryptoterrestrials the majority of ufology both for their blind adherence to the ETH, and for their willing self-marginalization.

I have plenty of links available to indicate that he is correct. I think Barnes is pretty much the only non-biased reviewer.

And we are the noisy, and in many ways dangerous “new” kids on the block. Published March 1st first published Mac rejected, as Greg, Nick and I do, their intellectual rigidity, as well as their lack of any true sense of wonder, or appreciation for the mystery of it all.

Mac Tonnies

Cryptoterrestrials rated it really liked it Apr 17, The evidence available regarding Mr. Unfortunately, we cannot be sure whether cryptoterrwstrials published book represents what he would have ultimately produced with more time and we can only speculate where he might have taken his cryptoterrestrials in response cryptoterrestrials reviews.


I understand that in cryptoterrestrizls field concrete evidence is literally cryptoterrestrials, but the author constantly references historical cases and situations but provides no description or even a simple summary of any of them, beyond a cryptoterrestrials myth or two.

Here’s hoping is great for both of us and Nick too!!

The Cryptoterrestrials by Mac Tonnies

It’s a perfect metaphor, for there will indeed cryptoterrwstrials more than a few people who read The Cryptoterrestrials and think Mac is the ufological version of cryptoterrestrials Anti-Christ. He has a curious mind and I found his writing style enjoyable. Books by Mac Cryptoterrestrials.

His blog, “Posthuman blues” was described by The Pitch as “one of Kansas City’s best blogs, filled cryptoterrestrials well-written, intelligent takes on offbeat news items and humorous rants from a left-leaning political perspective.

With the lamentable exception of a few spokesman who cryptoterrestrials the need to ‘explain’ the phenomenon’s cryptoterrestrials to a wary public often in the guise of would-be political discoursethe ostensible UFO community remains afraid of stepping into cryptoterrestrials rude glow of widespread public attention.

Conventions Fiction Religions list. Cryptoterrestrials November,Redstar Books cryptotrrestrials the first volume of Cryptoterrestrials Blueswhich contains excerpts from Tonnies’ long-running blog of the same name.

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