DIGITAL COMPASS WITH ALTIMETER. Instruction Manual. 1. Introduction. Features: Altimeter (m, feet). Digital compass. Barometric pressure (hPa, inHg. Manual gearbox. MAN/TEN: Manual tensioner .. Caja de cambios manual CIELO. 8V. – 97 A -PAS. +V/BLT. AVX10 +P-V/BLT. 5PK Manual de utilizare statie de calcat Bosch TDS Vezi intreaga gama de fiare de calcat.

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If no faults have been found at this point and no addi- Diagnostic Table. Install the lower timing belt cover bolts. Check if any additional DTCs are set.

Daewoo CIELO EURO III Manual

D The ECM will store conditions which were pres- cords data on the scan tool if applicable. Page D Inactive signal output steady at bias voltage approx.

Tighten Tighten the valve cover bolts to 9 N m 80 lb-in. If the voltage does not drop below the minimum as shims. Remove the intake manifold support bracket retain- ing bolts from the coolant distributor. Install the power steering pump pulley, if equipped.

The Cxrte is a search engine for used cars, bringing together thousands of listings from all across the world. Install the air filter housing. Page Improperly formed Damaged terminals Poor terminal to wire connection Inspect the wiring harness for damage. Remove the starter solenoid nuts to disconnect the electrical cable. Page default value for the MAP sensor.



Check for an open between the circuits from — — terminal 1 for each of the four fuel injectors and the ignition switch. Disconnect the fuel tank vent tube at the fuel tank. Ciielo intermittent problem may be caused by a poor con- nection, rubbed through wire insulation, or a broken wire inside the insulation. Go to Step 22 — Is the repair complete? Page 50 percent antifreeze, but not more than 60 percent antifreeze for cold weather operation.

Comments to this Manuals Your Name. The vehicle can be driven within the conditions that were present when the DTC originally set. This information will be removed from the EGR mounting surface. Page 30 and the ignition system. The engine coolant temperature is greater than 60 C checks and store the freeze frame and failure re- F. Page Check the ACP sensor 5 volt reference circuit for an open or short to ground.

Page 51 AB Does the scan tool indicate that this diagnostic has Go to Step 14 Go to Step 2 run and passed?

Lay them axially between the crank- shaft journals and the crankshaft bearings. Do you want to replace it by this one or adding it by subscribing to our cjelo version and profit of its benefits?

In order to be visible on our site, submit your listing via one of our partner sites. Go to Step 15 1. Connect the vacuum hoses to the EVAP emission canister purge solenoid.


Manual de utilizare statie de calcat Bosch TDS1625

Remove the EI system ignition coil mounting plate. Page Is a problem isolated that requires a repair? Page 88 10 Tenhica m 89 lb-in.

An intermittent may be caused by a rubbed-through wire insulation or a wire contacting the exhaust. Operate the vehicle within the conditions for setting this DTC as specified in the supporting text.

Remove the nuts from the front muffler pipe to the main catalytic converter connecting pipe — 1. Go to Step 10 Is the repair complete? Coat the threads of the oil pump bolts with Loctite Disconnect the sensor electrical connector.

Manual de utilizare statie de calcat Bosch TDS | Manuale de utilizare

Install the air cleaner housing bolts. Remove the collar and the locking ring from the groove in the driveshaft. D A history DTC is stored. Does the scan tool indicate that this diagnostic ran Go to Step 14 Go to Step 2 and passed? Connect the EVAP emission canister purge solenoid connector.