ADVANCED AUDITING FULL NOTES FOR CA FINAL BY SURABHI BANSAL. DOWNLOAD. Posted by Naman Katarmal. Handwritten notes on Audit by Surbhi Bansal Mam. Audit Notes by Surbhi Final > Advanced Auditing and professional Ethics. EMI Available Starts at Rs. 20 Jan Durva Patwardhan, CA Final Student., Savitribai Phule Pune University ( ) . For Audit refer Surbhi BANSAL book and make your OWN Memory.

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Hard work, dedication bring you success and family support makes it more worthwhile.

Old students who took coaching during last 1 year, pl Handwritten notes without a doubt aid retention and also recollection. What Ca final audit notes by surabhi bansal used to do was take pencil in my hand and mark the portion that was main part of the answer portion which contained actual answer because after reaching a certain point when your concepts are clear, you can elaborate the points.

Make it one comprehensive book. If so, please try restarting your browser. Noyes can I prepare notes for theory paper of ca final? At last i would like to say, study from the book, and keep making yb simultaneously.

This site uses cookies. Doing this would give me satisfaction that I had covered certain portion of syllabus same day and had to refer less next day. The only thing which matters is how you draft your answer and how much eye catching your important points are. Important for CA students. My mail id is narsing. How do I prepare for the CA final audit? Hi, Thanks for A2A. I had already clarified about it in my post 2 months back.


No skipping or addition required as of now. Please provide it on my Email id.


Hopefully, auvit ‘ll include all at one place in RTP also. First of all congratulations, you are a ca finalist. Posted by CA Surbhi bansal. I use a highlighter instead of making notes.

Students of latest batches at stargate are not supposed to do anything else, as we had already covered said series alongwith other amendments in recently concluded batch of CA final.

Though messages are being sent to students, in case of any update, I ‘ll post here too.

Especially in CAAT chapter there are point wise answers. May I get ca final notes of auditing of Surbhi Bansal madam for Nov 14 attempt please. A practical approach to understand “Key Audit Matters” section in audit repor Which book to prefer for costing in Ca final? Can CA Final Audit be prepared well by self-study? How do I study the CA final audit? I also feel that, if you study the entire thing from this book, you don’t need s any other book or material, not even ca final audit notes by surabhi bansal icai practice manual.


I am sure it would help you with revision but honestly, i think you could better spend that time studying rather than studying. Hope they ll soon make an announcement so that students will have sufficient time to prepare for exams.

Audit Notes by Surbhi Bansal

I know a lot of friends who used to make hand-written notes for IPCC and I myself used to do that for certain subjects like Strategic Management etc But for finals, I hardly know anybody who has the time and more importantly, patience to do this. How was your CA final audit paper may ?

For CA Intermediate, amendment class for my old students shall be held on 12th September. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: So, whatever material and question answers are given in the latest edition, keep on referring the same.


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How can I prepare handwritten notes for CA-Final Audit, whether it is worth the time or only highlighting in the book itself should suffice? Thank you for your feedback! Well Handwritten notes matters a lot not in audit but in every subject.