An excerpt from Imam Ghazali’s Ayyuhal Walad – translated by Shaikh Seraj Hendricks Ayyuhal Walad, “Oh my Young Man,” is a letter to a student by Hujjat. Page ). . Page ) ..!:) ».«. Page *. ]: [.) *.: .) *.: .) *.. ) *. *.: .) *. *: .:): »..« Page ))».. «:». «:». «:).. 16 Mar Imam Al-Ghazali (rh) begins this letter to his student, whom he affectionately calls walad (=Son), by saying Ya ayyuhal walad al-mehboobi i.e. O.

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One could only imagine what it would be like to associate with a Shaykh, a wali of Allah walax, somebody like Shaykh Shaqiq rah for 30 years! When our nafs desires them itself, then doing those things becomes very easy.

File:Ayyuhal walad manuscript.jpg

That type of giving walsd easy for us. Type of work Copyright has expired in Egypt if Try to think in terms of love ; that I have to love these amaal. Hatim al-Asam was once in the company of his Shaykh, when Shaykh Shaqiq asked him: I learnt that to be human is to desire.

And I realized that the things of the world are necessarily bound to fade away, so I started giving away my extraneous wealth and possessions to get the eternal rewards of the akhirah. That is what Wwalad rh is saying which had a big impact on him and that played a very big role in his tazkiyah.

So nafs having desires, and human beings wanting to do what their nafs desires, this is actually the aspect and attribute of Jannah. But when they entered their grave, none of their beloveds could enter with them — none of their beloveds could take the walsd step in the journey with them.


A person will be able to enjoy Salah, when they feel Allah swt in their prayer. This whole world, every single thing that people have, is going to come to nothing when they pass away, and certainly when the world ends itself. Views View Edit History.

File:Ayyuhal walad – Wikimedia Commons

Egyptian works that are currently in the public domain in the United States are those whose copyright had expired in Egypt on the U. It is interesting how even in the West salad all over the world in general, Humanities is a major area of study. I learnt ayyuhhal you, what to learn from humanity itself and from human beings.

Retrieved from ” https: Ultimately in our deen, watch this carefully, ultimately in our deen we do refer back to doing what we ayjuhal. And also not just to outwardly do good acts, but to try to go deeper and try to make our nafs desire the good acts. This page was last edited on 20 Novemberat Imam Al-Ghazali rh wrote a ayyuhhal to one of his students and this student was a graduate from the Madrassa Islamic Institution of Learning that Imam Al-Ghazali was teaching at.

Rather to give away something that we though that indeed that was mine, and we never imagined that it could ever be other than mine, to give something like that away. I think a lot of us were so settled and content in our worldly lifestyles. We should start with some amal-e-salih and try to fall in love with them.


What I have heard from our mashaikh, ulema and elders, and which Prophet sws himself says in a hadith is that ayuyhal should try to give from that which you love. So, if we want to make our Salah an act of love, we need to start focusing on the adaab of Salah. But both in the lifetime of Nabi e Kareem sws and after the Beloved Messenger sws passed away from this world, even after giving away so much in charity, he ayyyhal well-off.

This is another battle that we are trying to wage and that is our nafs does not desire to pray. When I reflected on what that was, I realized that nothing could lay claim to that except: From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository.

He gave a lot of money and goods in charity. Certainly, the later tradition of tasawwuf is a bit more soft on this, and even in the early tradition of tasawwuf you do have mashaikh who, in terms of their own lives and in their teachings, were quite well off.

Not just to give away the extra money, not just to give something that we view as extra. So, Hatim says that I learnt how to understand humanity from you and when I saw this about humanity that: This site uses cookies.

Hatim al-Asam was once in the company of his Shaykh, when Shaykh Shaqiq asked him:. How to enjoy Salah? The following other wikis use this file: