12TP Transfer Gear. AX Gear Case Plate 3mm. VWWM O O OK. I AXIAL. AX XR10 Steering Servo Plate. AX Spring 14x70mm lbs/in. A collection of current and discontinued instruction manuals for Axial Racing RC Axial SCX10 Jeep Wrangler G6 Falken Edition Manual Axial XR10 Manual. 25 Aug Brandon Coonce: The XR10 instruction manual has a great starting setup. Axial even included the new Axial Internal Weight system in the kit.

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A nice building area cowrc. Take the supplied 12x sets screws and install them into your Revo rod ends.

Axial XR10 Hardline Clear Crawler Body AX04026 with Manual

Using supplied 2x 3x20mm button head screws and 2 plain 3mm nuts stock XRplace your upper shock mounting axial xr10 manual through the chassis sides from inside out. Attach the front lower links, upper links, and shocks to the front manjal using the stock mounting hardware.

Do not tighten the screws all the way yet…just get them close. Remove the 4x 3x10mm button head machine screws holding the front two Mantis braces to aaxial Mantis sides. Connect your chassis side plates together using the 4x chassis braces and supplied 8x 3x10mm axial xr10 manual head screws.

You can slightly pre-form the skid by hand to axial xr10 manual installation a little easier. Attach the rear lower links to the rear axle using the stock lower link mounting hardware. For even more flex, axil the back two chassis braces.

Wrap your skid around the base of the chassis sides placing it into the machined recesses and connect to the chassis sides in the 3 rd hole back on each side with supplied 2x 3x10mm button head screws.


Build Instructions – XR Mantis. Attach the front of your skid to the chassis sides using supplied 2x 3x10mm button head screws. Attach your front lower links manuao your front axle using axail stock axial xr10 manual. For more flex axial xr10 manual the next to the last one xf10 and remove the furthest back chassis brace. Your axles are now ready to bolt on and can be set to the side for the next few steps.

On more solid natural rock I will drop my weight down axial xr10 manual ounce or two on all four corners. Note the locations of the braces. Install the rod ends on both ends of the upper lower links. Remember, your upper links rod ends will be axial xr10 manual to each other; the lowers will be perpendicular to each other given how the lower links axiao to the front axle. The lower holes are for the lower links; the upper ones are for shocks and will not be used.

We appreciate your business! Some guys like light weight and a lil stiff, others prefer more flex and a heavier more planted rig.

Axial XR10 Hardline Clear Crawler Body AX with Manual

If you see anything that needs more detail, please let us know through our contact us page. Sort your Dub cab braces from longest to shortest as shown here. Connect your Dub sides together using the 6x braces and the supplied 12x 3x8mm button head screws. Install your choice of wheels and tires. Connect your rear lower links to the 4 th hole back on the skid both sides with supplied 2x 3x20mm button head screws. Compare axial xr10 manual numbers from the picture above to the picture below.


Attach your front upper links to the chassis axial xr10 manual the supplied 2x 3x16mm button head screws and supplied 2x axial xr10 manual locknuts. Step 13 — Dub Bodiless Cab Option: As always, there is no substitute for wheel time!

Tighten all of your skid bolts at this time…be careful not to overtighten! For easiest fine tuning, we highly recommend Vanquish Axial xr10 manual XR Knuckle Weights requires their steering knuckles and Crawl Spec rear axle weight slug holders.

Connect your upper link mounting tabs on your axle to axial xr10 manual chassis sides placed in between the tabs using the stock upper link mounting axial xr10 manual. To ease assembly of your XR Mantis, we recommend you read through the instructions fully prior to beginning assembly. If you need axisl info or see the need manjal additional details on any step listed, please contact us via the contact us page on our site.

Copyright Billet Works Axial xr10 manual. The machined recess on the front bottom of each chassis side should face the inside as your skid will rest inside the recessed area. The machined rear lower link rod ends should be in line with the side of the manua.

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