1. Konfigurasi elektron unsur yang bernomor t aturan Hund, jika tiga elektron atom 23 adalah. (Ebtanas ). Ketiga aturan dijelaskan secara detail. More lessons will be added soon. ✕ Download. Asas Aufbau, Kaidah Hund, dan Asas Larangan Pauli. 0. 4 plays. . elektron Sub kulit f maksimal 14 elektron Urutan sub kulit diatas bisa ditemukan dalam diagram Mnemonik Moeler: Aturan Hund: dalam subkulit yang sama.

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In the latter case the repulsive force increases, which separates electrons. Konfigurasi elektron hunc atom selain diungkapkan dengan diagram curah hujan, seringkali diungkapkan dalam diagram orbital. Atomic physics Quantum chemistry Spectroscopy Rules. Unknown 10 September So the ground state is from this more narrowed list: What about the three different 2p orbitals?

Certainly, 1s orbitals should be filled before 2s orbitals, because the 1s orbitals have a lower value of n, and thus a lower energy.

Hund’s First Rule Maximize Spin Multiplicity According to the atjran rule, electrons always enter an empty orbital before they pair up. This is referred to as the LS coupling regime. Aufa Ikhsan 13 Oktober Chandra Pittza 10 Juli The direction is furthermore arbitrary except in, say, a magnetic or electric field.

Untuk menentukan letak periode suatu unsur relatif mudah. Untuk lebih memahamkan teori ini perhatikan juga contoh di bawah ini:. Berdasarkan ketentuan tersebut maka urutan pengisian kofigurasi elektron mengikuti tanda panah pada gambar berikut! Buah Kasih 23 September The orbitals of the subshell are each occupied singly with electrons of parallel spin before double occupation occurs.

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Dalam penulisan konfigurasi elektron dan diagram orbital perlu berlandaskan pada tiga prinsip utama yaitu prinsip aufbau, aturan Hund dan aturan penuh setengah penuh. For silicon aaturan is only one triplet term, so the second rule is not required.

Hund’s rules – Wikipedia

There are two unpaired electrons in this system from the electron configuration. This rule deals with reducing the repulsion between electrons. Daffa Fatkhurrohman 13 September Lia Nurhakiki 5 Oktober However, accurate quantum-mechanical calculations starting in the s have shown that the reason is that the electrons in singly occupied orbitals are less effectively screened or shielded from the nucleus, so that such orbitals contract and electron—nucleus attraction energy becomes greater in magnitude or decreases algebraically.

What matters is the total scalar angular momentum, not the direction.

Unknown 15 Oktober This page was last edited on 10 Octoberat Two different physical explanations have been given [4] for the increased stability of high multiplicity states. Berarti walaupun penulisan 3d6 4s2 untuk fe misalnya, itu bil.

Hund’s rules

Jika yang diketahui diagram orbitalnya,bagaimana cara menentukan perioda dan golongan??? Bila subkulit terakhirnya pada s atau p maka digolongkan dalam golongan A utama sedangkan bila subkulit terakhirnya pada d maka digolongkan dalam golongan B transisi.

Coba perhatikan contoh diagram elektron di bawah ini, khususnya pada bagian akhirnya:. In what order should they be filled? Retrieved from ” https: Similarly for organic molecules, the same rule predicts that the first triplet state denoted by T 1 in photochemistry is lower than the first excited singlet state S 1which is atudan correct.


In reality, however, 1 D lies below 1 G.

Ryan Hunr 1 Oktober Mohon untuk berkenan pemilik materi hhe. In this case the open shell is 3d 2 and the allowed huhd include three singlets 1 S, 1 D, and 1 G and two triplets 3 P and 3 F. Muhammad Haidar 15 September Thus when determining the ordering of energy levels in general only the outer valence electrons must be considered.

So the expectations for Hund’s rules would be switched.

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The exchange energy which is favorable increases with the number of possible exchanges between electrons with the same spin and energy. By using this site, you agree to gund Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Berdasarkan diagram di atas dapat disusun urutan konfigurasi elektron sebagai berikut: Rank these terms associated with an electronic configuration of hynd atom based on energy via Hund’s rules: Due to the Pauli exclusion principletwo electrons cannot share the same set of quantum numbers within the same system; therefore, there is room for only two electrons in each spatial orbital.