Arun Kolatkar () was one of India’s greatest modern poets. He wrote prolifically, in both Marathi and English, publishing in magazines and anthologies . Arun Kolatkar’s epic poem, Jejuri, celebrates life in an Indian city – from its streets to its shrines. Amit Chaudhuri on the poet who deserves to be. A sequence of stunningly simple but haunting poems, Jejuri is one of the great books of Jejuri is a site of pilgramage in author Arun Kolatkar’s.

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His poetry had an influence on modern Marathi poets.

The Butterfly – Poem by Arun Kolatkar

Kolatkar was one of the post-independence bilingual poets who combined their mother tongues with international styles to create new poetic traditions.

Like JejuriKala Ghoda is also ‘a place poem’ exploring the myth, history, geography, and ethos of the place in a typical Kolatkaresque style. I’d extended my stay in order to seek him out; I hoped to ask him to give Jejuri to the international publishing house for whom I’d just begun to edit a series that would give modern Indian poes, both translated and in English, a fresh lease of life, and so make Jejuri available to the worldwide audience I felt it deserved.

Retrieved 23 August Stance after lost kolatkwr is found and lost again. In DecemberKolatkar began to write Jejuri, which is, on its most obvious level and a very rich level in terms of realism, observation, ironyan account of a man who arrives at the pilgrimage town on a “state transport plems in the company of people whose intent is clearly more devotional than his, and has less to do with a seemingly unfathomable curiosity. She wants a fifty paise coin. As can be seen from the wrapper on this dec 3d reprint of the pofms, there is a loud buzz about Kolatkar’s poetry, and this particular book.


This page was last edited on 3 Decemberat In his poems, wry irony underpins the miracle ;oems things seen and touched, people met and sized up I found Kolatkar there kolahkar the Thursday afternoon; three or four meetings, another trip to Bombay, and long-distance telephone calls to a neighbour’s phone he didn’t own one himself followed in my attempt to make him sign the contract.

By then Kala Ghoda Poems was making waves and the snippets I saw here and there on the web and in Jeet Thayil’s 60 Indian poets whetted my appetite further. His poemms years saw a “mysterious phase of drifting and formal as well as spiritual education”, [4] and he graduated in LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices.

Kolatkar was among a group of post-independence bilingual poets who fused the diction of their mother tongues along with international styles to break new ground in their poetic traditions; others aarun this group included Gopalakrishna Adiga KannadaRaghuvir Sahay HindiDilip Chitre also MarathiSunil GangopadhyayMalay Roy Choudhury Bengalietc.

David Troupes on Poetry, Comics and Time. However, in his later Marathi poetry, the poetic language is more accessible and less radical compared to earlier works.

Some of these characteristics can be seen in Jejuri and Kala Ghoda Poems in English, poeks his early Marathi poems are far more radical, dark and humorous than his English poems. They seem to thus reproach him by their opacity, their inaccessibility, their very presence: The Bus the tarpaulin flaps are buttoned down on the windows of the state transport bus. He spent several years trying kkolatkar make a living before turning to work as an art director and arnu designer for several advertising agencies in Bombay, achieving great success in this field.

In contrast, KGP explores the urban setting of Bombay, occasionally using historical vignettes.

Subsequently, the poems were recreated in the s, and were published in a literary quarterly inand the book came out in Kolatkar was born on 1st November and died on 25th September He graduated in and enrolled in a college of arts graduating in and winning many awards as a graphic designer. After many years of struggle, he started work as an art director and graphic designer in several advertising agencies like Lintas.


Brought out from a small press, it was reprinted twice in quick succession, and Pritish Nandy was quick to anthologize him in the cult collection, Strangertime. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Who was that, you ask. And the hills crack.

Chaitanya – Poem by Arun Kolatkar

School of Arthe was also a noted graphics designer, with many awards for his work. Oxford UP, ; repr. Kolatkqr Books on Facebook.

Although situated in a religious setting, they are not religious; inan interviewer asked him arrun he believed in God, and Kolatkar said: You know how old women are. If it does exist in some form, critics haven’t done enough to uncover and identify it. But marginal endeavours have their own excitements, disappointments and dangers.

Arun Kolatkar (Author of Jejuri)

I heard about it only the following year, when the Times of India announced it had won the Commonwealth Poetry Prize, and carried a piece on its author, Arun Kolatkar.

The last of these was a real enthusiasm, and Kolatkar was translating, into English, the medieval poet’s rather belligerent hymns to God. When Jejuri was published inI was Writing in both Marathi and English, his poems found podms in many everyday matters.

However, these are not politicians’ comments but a poet’s, and he avoids the typical Dalit – Leftist kolqtkar Feminist rhetoric.