AFI 13-204 V3 PDF

immediately implements changes to AFI , Volume 1, Airfield .. Airfield Operations Standardization and Evaluations and Vol 3, Airfield. Flight Planning Procedures. IAW AFI , Vol 3, AMOPS has the overall responsibility for inputting, amending, canceling and re-filing flight. immediately implements changes to AFI , Volume 2, Airfield Operations See AFI , Vol 3, Airfield Operations Procedures and.

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Is the MACA program tailored to meet local needs? Is the lack of high interest areas also documented? May be hard copy or electronic format. Create your own in minutes. CACI f3 a diverse range of talent to create an environment that fuels innovation and fosters continuous improvement and success.

Ensure minimum daily inspections and checks of the airfield. Edit Print Download Share. Does it review emergency plans and procedures to include but not limited to: Once identified, afo can take risk mitigation actions based on statistical data.

Explosives site plans and licensed facilities. Verify members of the safety office who have administrator privileges. Are all safety-related Deficiency Reports DR coordinated fai the local safety office? AFI13-2044 2. Can’t find the right checklist? Do units in possession of formal mishap reports destroy these reports upon receipt of the MOFE? The Mode C readout is valid and indicates that the aircraft is established at the assigned altitude, or d.


SAFSOs are an extension of the wing flight safety program but are supervised by the squadron commander. Formal reports and briefing drafts are due to the contractor NLT 3 days prior to the Convening Authority briefing. Once trained, do individual FSOs fill the 13-2204 for a minimum of 18 months? Reporting requirements only apply to AFRC organizations with a full-time safety staff. An aircraft conducting an instrument, visual, or contact approach has landed or has been instructed to change to advisory frequency.

ATC Jeopardy

Advise the customer of discrepancies and impacts to the safe operation and maintenance of the airfield, related facilities, and of any operations or contingencies that affect operations and mission. When using e-mail, is the privileged document password protected and the password transmitted in a separate e-mail?

Is the BASH plan reviewed annually for afk and compliance with current directives, revising as necessary? Send us your form pdf, excel, word and we 13-240 convert it into iAuditor for free.

The training will be documented and include but not c3 to: Has the Host flight safety office established the BASH plan to include defining the nature and extent of wildlife hazards and implementation of the plan?

Including Aero Med Squadron as applicable. Display the page detailing Open Recommendations. Are recommendations for corrective action documented?

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Have high interest areas, if identified, been designated by the COS in writing? Special interest issues e. Topics covered should include unit mishaps, MDS-specific 13-04 analysis, local flying hazards e.

AFRC Flight Safety Inspection Checklist – SafetyCulture

The evaluation report may be combined with the annual inspection report. Join CACI, where you will have the opportunity to make an immediate impact by providing information solutions and services in support of national security missions and government transformation for Intelligence, Defense, and Federal Civilian customers.

It varies less than feet from the pilot reported altitude, or 2. Do SAFSOs assist in conducting wing safety inspections as requested and conduct unit self-inspections? Mishap Analysis Program — In order to reduce mishaps, Commanders and COSs must know the type and number of mishaps that occur in their command.

Airfield Manager/Liaison (Curacao)

AFIPara 3. Make risk decisions at the appropriate level? Ensure all tenant units are included in the base BASH plan. Does the COS provide face-to-face training to new commanders within 90 days of their arrival or appointment on the safety and health of the organization?